Black buried: Can Blackberry brand bounce back?

03/13/14 by Rennie Detore

It wasn't that long ago that Blackberry stood atop the heap of hopeful smart phones as king of the world. Today, they've been crowned and christened as the laughing stock of the industry and the butt of a bevy of cell phone related jokes.
Figuring out exactly what happened since 1999, the year the Blackberry first showed its face, isn't really that puzzling. Competition from Apple and Motorola muscled Blackberry out of its proverbial perch as a smart phone pioneer and left them visible shaken in the years to follow.
But Blackberry might be down, but those associated with the company refuse to be counted out.

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At least not yet.
Blackberry has a new Chief Executive Officer and is planning to release new products and services that include new phones and a security software that stretches beyond just Blackberry devices. In short, Blackberry wants to offer security on any phone, whether you're using an iPhone or Galaxy 4. Being that identity theft and security is such an important and hot topic these days, Blackberry may have hit a nerve that will move the needle back in their favor.
The biggest hurdle Blackberry faces isn't their renewed sense of optimism, the services and support they can offer customers or even the devices themselves. Rather, the obstacle that opposes them first and foremost is swaying already content smart phone users away from their current device or truly selling the security aspect of what they're offering.
The latter might be a little easier for Blackberry, since plenty of consumers have suffered some sort of online theft, but is that point really needs driven home through word of mouth, corporate communication and a slew of marketing that shows just how beneficial the software can be.
Blackberry actually has literally seen its stock rise, and the addition of the new CEO probably left the company and consumers alike with a sense of optimism when it comes to the future. That bodes well initially for Blackberry but anyone within the company will tell you there's more work to be done.
Part of that itinerary includes selling at least a few devices specifically, but that will prove daunting given the stranglehold Apple and Samsung have on that market. Blackberry also must shed the label that they're inept and nothing more than a device company that couldn't keep pace with the heavy hitters.
Blackberry seems determined and hardly satisfied with their standing in the industry, but even the most positive outlook can't assure the company that they're previous misgivings and failed endeavors will be forgotten.
Then again, it can't hurt, either.

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