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Shaking and bacon: Bacon hits big time

Few foods resonate with the masses the way bacon does.
No matter if you're watching television or sitting down at a restaurant, bacon beckons your attention. Bacon takes center stage whether it's being added to ice cream or your favorite dessert or if it is the focal point of that latest infomercial, the one that shows you how to cook it faster or wrap it around just about any food.
The bacon movement hardly is a short term, 15 minutes of fame so to speak, but that doesn't mean the popularity of this particular food isn't worth questioning.
Why exactly is bacon so popular?
A lot of it can be traced back to the arrival of the Atkins Diet, the one that told the masses in search of ways to lose weight. The Atkins Diet preached protein at all costs mentality, and that included people ingesting red meat by the handful, bacon included.

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The Atkins Diet quickly flamed out due to followers of the diet plan realizing that they were losing weight, but gaining all the negatives associated with consuming fatty foods. But bacon stayed the course and persevered to the point that it's the rock star of foods, the one item that can stand alone on its own or provides the perfect blend of saltiness to a plethora of palates.
And that's the big reason why bacon isn't going anywhere, any time soon: the taste.
The contrast of bacon and how it tastes is what makes it so appealing and unique to the taste buds when it is included on an ice cream sundae or stripped across the top of your favorite doughnut. What seems like an odd couple you want no part of actually transforms into a dish that you'll love.
Chocolate covered bacon might not be the most appealing at first glance, but the taste takes the cake, as long as you're opened to trying it.
Naturally, bacon battles the stigma of being a fatty food you should avoid, but like anything else, the idea of eating this food is about moderation as opposed to eating it three times a day, every day. What some of the more adept marketers and chefs alike are doing with bacon is using it as a garnish and aren't overexposing it.
Think of it like trimming the fat of negativity off bacon to the point that it is beloved and boasts the kind of public relations and adulation that most foods only wish they could attain.

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