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About time: Your watch welcomes its new look

Take a closer look at your wrist, and if you don't exactly recognize what you're looking at, you're not alone.
That's because the watch on that very wrist has undergone a dramatic makeover, a transformation that has infused technology and taken a device that simply told time and reinvented its usefulness to the consumer.
Today's version of the watch goes far beyond telling time, and makes the once forward thinking Casio calculator watch of the 1980s about as relevant as a VCR. Your modern day timepiece isn't interested so much in letting you know the time of day but rather sports some serious features, like communicating with your smart phone or acting as a personal assistant that sits safely on your wrist.
The former probably gained most of its fame and lure thanks to Samsung, which brought to prominence the Smart Watch era with its "Gear" product. The second version of the Samsung Gear, the aptly titled Gear 2, allows you to take and make calls in addition to allowing you to listen to music. There's also a fitness element that's been added to the Gear 2, just in case your watch needs to fill in admirably for your personal trainer at a moment's notice.
Closely behind the Samsung Smart Watch is Sony, which has its own laundry list of benefits, including dabbling in all your favorite apps right from the comfort of your own wrist.

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And yes, there's a spot on the watches for the time, but who actually has the time to worry about something so trivial and mundane?
Beyond the Smart Watch craze as it relates specifically to cell phones, the auto makers of the world are throwing their hats into the watch ring. Mercedes-Benz Pebble Smart Watch, which works in conjunction with the DriveStyle app. You'll never misplace your sweet ride again, but don't thank your alarm button on your key chain but rather the watch that keeps close eye on your car.
The Mercedes-Benz Pebble Smart Watch allows you to find your vehicle with no hassle, along with letting you know if you need gas or giving driver's a much needed head's up if traffic is jammed thanks to anything from an accident or construction being done on the roadways.
The influx of smart watches probably isn't going to endanger the traditional watch business simply because not everyone has a propensity and passion for technology. But the momentum from yesterday's passe and rudimentary timepiece certainly is pushing more in the direction of a watch being a multipurpose gadget rather than an archaic accessory.
Given the surge in popularity of the smart watch, everyone will be sporting these futuristic devices in no time at all.

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