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Cat tack: Calm your kitty before he goes haywire

You've no doubt heard of the television show "When Animals Attack," which typically consists of large, intimidating animals like lions, tigers and bears.
But your household cat: oh my.
As inconceivable as that may sound, a family in Portland, Oregon, would argue that their cat is more aggressor than affable and certainly deserves a spot alongside those aforementioned creatures in the wild.
The family had to call 911 when the cat's behavior took an unenviable turn and started to literally attack everyone, including a baby and the dog. This 22 pound cat turned from family pet into ferocious feline in one fell swoop, leaving the family shaken and a community of cat lovers to wonder just what they would do if their loveable lap cat went crazy.
Do you really need a cat contingency plan should this happen? The family in Portland may not have had the first clue what to do when their cat decided to hold them all hostage inside the bathroom in their home.

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Cats come across as equal parts friendly and finicky in the same breath. Their often viewed as cold, somewhat callous, creatures that have their own agenda. That said, they're also incredibly comforting, cozy and certainly love to curl up on you at a moment's notice.
Being prepared should the former outweigh the latter isn't out of the question, either, and something as simple as leaving a window open in the house or playing with your cat should curb any notions of trying to overrun their owners.
Cats have a propensity to prop themselves inside a window and watch or listen for hours. This often quells their need to fly around the house like maniacs. The playing part not only is fun for you and the cat but winds them down to the point that they're exhausted from all the activity.
And when all else fails, find him a friend.
Cats have a tendency to attack your feet, follow you everywhere and dive at your face without warning. More often than not, they're just being playful and longing for attention. Having two cats, especially if they're kittens at the same time, might be a handful at first but will provide you with peace of mind knowing your cat won't use you as its favorite toy.
No cat owner could possibly be prepared for what happened to the husband, wife and child in Portland. Most of you assume your cat would never harm you, no matter how bored or bothersome they seem. That doesn't mean, however, that the potential doesn't exist and that you shouldn't be prepared for even a stray paw that's headed in your direction.

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