3 ways you'll ruin St. Patrick's Day

03/14/14 by Rennie Detore

If you aren't really familiar with St. Patrick's Day or head out to celebrate every year, you probably only know it as the holiday in March when everyone wears green and goes out to the bar.
That vague and general assumption pretty much is the pop cultural version of this event as millions migrate to their nearest watering hole, pub or bar and completely let loose, green garb and all.
Unlike your traditional weekend out, St. Patrick's Day often takes on a celebratory aura that most assume excuses them from exercising common sense, moderation or good judgment. Relishing St. Patrick's Day and the style and substance that goes along with it doesn't have to translate into an uncomfortable situation or making everyone you're with that night sorry they asked you to come in the first place.

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Don't confuse keeping it simple and having fun with coming across as being the boring one in the group. Your judgment and implementing it accordingly won't mean you're the wet blanket but rather intelligent enough to keep your wherewithal, without necessarily sitting idle and quietly in a corner while everyone else is enjoying their night.
1. Overboard on the green: Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day is the norm, but taking it too far also seems like a right of passage. Guys who paint their entire body green or the ubiquitous leprechaun outfits from the ladies simply are too much of a good thing. The body paint comes across for the guys as a desperate attempt to go shirtless for no other reason than trying to do your best Incredible Hulk impersonation.
2. Age appropriate: Keep in mind that if you're out on St. Patrick's Day and are part of an older crowd, you can do without the green pants and face paint, aside from maybe a small four leaf clover on the cheek. Grab a shamrock T shirt, maybe a green baseball cap or even a relatively conservative or demure green dress will make you look like you're part of the crowd without standing out for all the wrong reasons.
3. Drink smart: This advice should pertain all the time, but St. Patrick's Day often brings out the worst in the masses when it comes to knowing when to walk away from the bar. Just because St. Patrick's Day is synonymous with shots and mixed drinks doesn't mean it also shouldn't include something equally as important: the shut off valve.
The luck of the Irish will turn quickly if you're not prepared to pace yourself, act your age and treat St. Patrick's Day like it is nothing more than another night out.

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