Vans tastic: Renowned brand sinks teeth into helping ASPCA

03/19/14 by Rennie Detore

Vans is in the business of selling amazing footwear that is equal parts stylish and fashionable. This spring, those same shoes that have been sold by the millions to the masses are going to protect more than just feet.
Vans is partnering with the non profit American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) by incorporating and selling a line of footwear and apparel for women that pushes animal cruelty into the spotlight in the hopes that awareness will breed eliminating it.
Kudos to Vans for not only teaming with the ASPCA for a good cause but also adopting a product line that brilliantly showcases animal print and a collage type design that truly pays homage to our friendly and furry friends.

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Pet owners certainly will appreciate the paw and kitty friendly patterns put forth by Vans, which shows that it is taking its concern of animal cruelty seriously. Rather than just partner up with the ASPCA in name and press release only, Vans actually opted to create a specific line of clothing and footwear to the point that they're also offering orange sock liners; orange is the color that is synonymous with animal abuse prevention, and Vans even included the ASPCA logo in all of the shoes being offered.
And this is hardly a line of clothing and footwear that looks or has the impression that it was thrown together at a moment's notice. The attention to detail is stunning, and the warmth and wonder that is the ASPCA product line shows Vans isn't phoning in their effort to extend help to animals across the country.
The apparel is just as astonishing and appreciated as the footwear, with items like the Vans Beach Girl Trucker Hat and the always well received Realm Backpack.
In addition to offering ASPCA and Vans related apparel and shoes for adults, the kids also can get on board with shoes for small children and toddlers.
All of these items can be purchased on the Vans web site or in retail stores at this very moment.
Knowing that Vans produces and sells products that are all about youthful exuberance and a sporty culture, it's not hard to see that they're overtly enthusiastic about partnering with the ASPCA, which touts nearly two million supporters and also includes not only prevention but also health related services for animals.
Vans is applying the same energy and vigor they implement when it comes to designing shoes or remarkable apparel to the cause put forth by ASPCA.
For that, animals lovers can rejoice and come to the realization that the ASPCA and its mission to protect pets is getting some much needed assistance, thanks to Vans running to the aid of this admirable cause.

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