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Natural healing: Allergy sufferers can breathe sigh of relief

Millions of American suffers from seasonal allergies, sneezing, coughing and wheezing their way from winter to spring or summer to fall with one hand reaching for the Kleenex and another for some sort of prescription medication to help relieve these symptoms.
But what if traditional medication isn't exactly high on your list of likes when it comes to treating your allergies? You may find yourself more apt to use over the counter or prescribed medicine for two reasons: they work and you don't know any other way of curbing your scratchy throat or watery eyes that doesn't include ingesting two pills every four or six hours.
As much as medication is often viewed as the salvation for sickness, it doesn't have to be your lone option when it comes to allergies.
Attacking these all too annoying allergies also can include a natural healing element that includes the food you eat, various products that promote the healing power of hot water or simple adds to your diet that could deal your allergies a much welcomed fatal blow.
One overlooked ingredient is probiotics, which promotes a healthy digestive system and thus a strong immune system. Allergies tend to feed off a weaker immune system, and something as simple as a yogurt every day could at least stave off symptoms so that you're not struggling on a day to day basis. The same could be said for putting a little honey in your tea or on your morning cereal. Honey helps soothe sore throats and often is underutilized as a medicinal means of making you feel better, whether that means allergies or just feeling like you're battling the flu or a common cold. Various studies have suggested that if you're having a hard time with your allergies, you should seek out honey that is produced locally in your area and thus have a connection between the bees that make it and the flowers and plants they visit.

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Although nothing conclusive has been perpetuated or proven, those who have heeded such advice have raved about the results.
Finding a happy medium between allergy acceptance and a willingness to want to alleviate the symptoms also could include flushing out your sinuses and ridding yourself of allergens that cause irritation. That's where the old, trusty Neti Pot pushes to the forefront. It uses sterile saline solution, not harsh chemicals, to essentially rinse your sinuses so you can breath easier.
Concerns regarding taking medication certainly are founded, especially when you're taking something on a consistent basis and pondering just how much pressure that puts on your body or liver specifically. Searching out alternative means of medicine isn't crazy talk, nor should it be frowned upon by doctors and physicians alike.
Instead, it gives patients who suffer from allergies or other debilitating diseases hope that their ticket to a healthier and happier existence isn't always on the other side of a pharmacy counter.

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