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Bachelor Degree: Viewers still learning, loving ins and outs of 'The Bachelor'

Reality television once ruled the airwaves. Today, it's more laughable than lauded.
Most of the so called reality television shows have little premise and can't really be considered realistic, unless of course "surviving" on an island with camera crews nearby is your idea of a struggle. Even the always sure fire "American Idol" is losing steam from popularity standpoint, and the ratings decline in recent years is proof positive of that.
Television undoubtedly is a cyclical business, and today's shows that have found success are more conventional, minus the all too campy laugh track. The most successful ones seem to be a combination of sitcom and documentary style production, like "Parks and Recreation," or "Modern Family," where the actual actors playing characters have a narrative voice directed to the audience.
Others, like "New Girl," tap into a younger demographic thanks to witty writing, while dramas like "Resurrection," or "Walking Dead" are equal parts audience being drawn into what we don't understand (life after death) and what we hope we never see (zombies).
But in the midst of "The Jersey Shore" finally calling it quits or the likes of "X Factor" falling well short of ratings expectations, one reality show contender is still loving the limelight.

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"The Bachelor" is still beckoning to audiences after 20 years of being on the air, and those who don't watch the show wonder aloud just how the program has managed to stay relevant and strong in the ratings after two decades.
Fans of the show can answer that question with relative ease: the masses still believe in love, plus a splash of drama.
Saying that "The Bachelor" is love displayed in a traditional manner is quite the exaggeration. Most first loves or dating itself doesn't start with rows upon rows of women pandering after one handsome man. But it's not so much how "The Bachelor" is written (yes, reality shows have scripts) and pieced together as far as the setup but rather the execution that has everyone enamored with the show.
Who hasn't been in a failed relationship or watched a budding romance fall woefully short at one point or another? "The Bachelor" is the epitome of what to do and, more importantly, what not to do to pursue, pontificate and produce a relationship that lasts a lifetime.
To say that you're watching "The Bachelor" because you love the drama but are quietly taking notes for your own personal love life wouldn't be quite the exaggeration you'd think.
The flip side to being all in when it comes to love is simply rooting against the bachelor himself. This past season is a perfect example a Juan Pablo became the bachelor we all loved to hate. It's hard not to be captivated by an on screen villain, and comment incessantly about how much of a jerk he is, waiting patiently for him to finally get his.
Regardless of why you're watching, the end result is that people still find "The Bachelor" riveting within the realm of reality television. Ratings are up, interest in the show is high, which seems like a marriage made in heaven.

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