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Clean slate: Spring cleaning isn't all that bad

Spring is the start of warmer weather, longer, sunnier days and the respite from the cold, depressing winter you'll revel in from now until September.
But beyond the temperature, spring also is indelibly linked with cleaning, more specifically the complete overall plenty of people give their homes to have it looked in tip, top shape.
What is it about spring that triggers our renewed sense of cleanliness, our love of cleaning supplies or just an overall penchant for putting a little elbow grease into those streaky windows or suddenly dusty end tables?
Maybe you've spent most of the winter shirking your cleaning duties and only dusted when it was clearly visible on your furniture. The reruns of the "Walking Dead" on AMC during the colder months may have left you a bit of a zombie when it came to keeping your apartment or home as tidy as possible.
It's hard to really understand why spring cleaning happens at this particular time of year, other than spring is a rebirth of life, the time of year when grass starts growing, leaves reappear on trees and going outside doesn't have to include dressing in layers.

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Apparently that also means throwing away items you'll never use again or scanning the basement or attic for anything you can donate to charity.
Being cooped up and hibernating all winter might be all the eagerness and incentive you need to get moving, and why not start on a project as highly coveted as your home?
But for some, spring cleaning isn't so much a rite of passage as it is a staunch reminder that it's actually time to clean your home and that you really can't motivate yourself to enjoy this endeavor.
Cleaning undoubtedly isn't high on the list of things people love to do, and spring cleaning isn't just doing a little dusting or vacuuming but rather stripping down beds and washing sheets, opening all your windows and washing them inside and out, and flipping those flattened couch cushions and collecting loose change.
Lots of sweat and tears put into a project you want no part of, but that doesn't mean spring cleaning can't be at least tolerable if not a little fun. Nothing takes your mind of the task at hand like a set of headphones and some music, truly a staple of spring cleaning and transforming it into bearable.
Another way to look at spring cleaning is the opportunity to update your d├ęcor or redecorate your entire home or just one room in order to give it a fresher, more appealing feel to it. That could be something as simple as a few bright, colorful picture frames on the wall or completely overhauling your furniture. If you can infuse spending money with spring cleaning, it makes the process equal parts beneficial and enjoyable.
At least as fun as spring cleaning could possibly be.

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