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Case study: Why your cell phone case isn't cutting it

You could easily argue that cell phones aren't nearly as sought after as the perfect case to accompany and protect them.
The cell phone case marketplace is quite crowded and competitive, which make your selection quite paramount when you take a number of factors into consideration: price, quality, durability, value and extras.
Often price is seen as the direct correlation between how sturdy and superior the case is going to be, although that thinking is a bit antiquated. You can easily find a content consumer who spent less than $10 on a cell phone case and has no issues whatsoever, and wouldn't dare dream of spending more than $20 on a case, period.
The opposite end of the cell phone spectrum is the Otterbox crowd, and cases similar to that brand, who aren't interested in anything that won't offer them protection from anything and everything this side of a speeding bullet.
Neither purchase is wrong per say; it's more about what makes you happy from the standpoint of protection for your phone.

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Beyond the idea of shielding your phone from drops, dings and careless behavior on your part, you might want to take some of your focus on that aspect of protection and think about tapping into technology when it comes to your cases.
Otterbox and others are just fine but really are slowly but surely becoming one dimensional in the field of cell phone cases. Today's case isn't just plastic or hard rubber surrounding your device, but rather have morphed and transformed into something incredibly remarkable and special.
Take the Mophie Space Pack for the iPhone, an appropriate name given its nature as a cell phone case and just how particularly potent and special it is. Not only is Mophie making headlines for its ability to charge the phone on the go, but it also adds storage space and capacity to your cell phone in the form of a small attachment, nothing too gaudy or cumbersome to fit easily in your pocket.
At least no bigger than the other monstrous cases you might be lugging around with you.
Granted, Mophie doesn't come cheap at around $150, but you're already committing to spending almost half that on a case that can't give you the versatility and vigor that Mophie brings. What is especially exciting about Mophie is the idea that your battery is no longer on life support regarding how you can lose a full charge in less than a day.
As much as you covet your phone in a number of facets, finding a case that is a complete cure all would be quite the find. Mophie might be the closest you'll get, for now, to finding the epitome of perfection as far as cell phone cases are concerned.

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