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Timeless toys: Everyone has a favorite toy they simply refuse to forget

Whether you're six year old eyes couldn't help but fixate on that silver "Slinky" taking one step at a time or Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo Gaming System introduced you to video games, certain toys have weathered both time and technology, and continue to be looked upon fondly.
In fact, some toys with tremendous lineage and longevity actually are experiencing a surge in popularity. Look no further than the Lego brand, which has been invoking smiles on kids' faces and perpetuating and stimulating kids' imaginations for years. Not only is Lego still as loveable as it was 65 years ago when they constructed their first block, but the company is the centerpiece of a feature film that is racking up remarkable revenue at the box office to go along with rave reviews.
Lego has built quite the reputation and looks as sturdy as ever even in 2014.
Equally potent and going strong much the same way Lego is are Hot Wheels, which drove into the hearts of little boys in 1968 and haven't slowed even one mile per hour since.
Barbie and Ken also are living happily ever after since 1959 when Barbie first burst on to the toy scene. She's had her public relation issues here and there; some suggest she's too perfect and sets the wrong example for young girl as far as striving for unattainable perfection.

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But even those slanderous sentiments haven't derailed her popularity. Barbie even made a cameo alongside Ken as part of the "Toy Story" franchise, specifically the third installment. The dolls haven't slowed from a sales standpoint, nor does Barbie and her many occupational incarnations show any signs of waning.
You could easily put the likes of "My Little Pony," "Batman," "Superman" and anything related to World Wrestling Entertainment. The latter is incredibly adept at marketing toward a younger, male demographic with products that range from championship belts to bed sheets. But the action figures have been a longstanding item on most boys' wish lists.
Not all of these timeless toys have to sport a born on date before 1960.
Newer toys have taken a stand as would be iconic offerings for kids, namely the "Toy Story" movies with Buzz Lightyear and Woody, the space captain and cowboy, respectively, from those movies. Kids are toting around any and all products related to the "Toy Story" franchise but Buzz and Woody stand a few tiers above everyone else as far as being iconic and embraced for years to come.
The overall and resounding theme of all the aforementioned toys is, quite frankly, their simplicity, suggesting that plain and rudimentary doesn't necessarily translate into relics that soon will be forgotten.
It's actually the complete opposite; toys that suffice as more than just placeholders from one decade to another but rather joyous offerings that transcend time.

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