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Sparkling reviews: Sparkling ICE freezes out flavored water competition

One of the staples of a favorable diet is drinking water, but even the most ardent and ambitious health conscious consumer can only ingest so much plain H20.
Sometimes even water needs a kick.
That's where Sparkling ICE rescues you from drowning in a sea of flavorless water and other bland beverages.
Plenty of companies and brands tout flavored water as a refreshing alternative, but Sparkling ICE aims to set themselves apart from competitors, and flourishes with an eclectic mix of options that rival water but also takes aim at helping the general population put an end to sugary soda.
Sparkling ICE nicely fills that gap between water and soda with a happy medium that keeps consumers overly content.

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"Sparkling ICE offers consumers bold flavor refreshment that has been missing from the the marketplace, and its slight carbonation makes it an alternative to soda, which many consumers are actively trying to eliminate," said Nina Morrison, Vice President of Community and Customer Relations.
Drinks high in sugar have helped contribute mightily to the masses who struggle to lose weight, and Sparkling ICE offers assistance in that regard thanks to products that taste great and seamlessly supplant soda, without eliminating flavor.
Sparkling ICE manages to concoct a recipe that melds zero calorie, sparkling water with natural flavors that make kicking your can of soda to the curb relatively easy. The success of Sparkling ICE and their unique, remarkable original flavors haven't quelled their desire to add to their impressive resume of offerings.
And, this year, Sparkling ICE is tapping into the summertime crowd that has an insatiable thirst for one of the more popular drinks of the season: lemonade.
"In addition to traditional Sparkling ICE flavors, Sparkling ICE is sparking a twist on lemonades," Morrison said. "Currently, we offer Classic Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade and Lemonade with Tea."
That laundry list of savory choices doesn't end there, either.
"Coming later this month, Sparkling ICE is excited to introduce the latest lemonade flavor extensions: Mango Lemonade and Peach Lemonade. We just launched Cherry Limeade and Strawberry Watermelon, which expands the brand's flavor portfolio to 11 great tasting options."
A fresh cherry taste mixed with lime and everyone's favorite summertime snack, watermelon, paired alongside strawberries is just a small sample of the creativity and business acumen exuded by Sparkling ICE.
The fact that Sparkling ICE isn't satisfied with only a modicum of flavors as part of his repertoire isn't surprising given the history of the company and their determination to grow a brand far beyond mundane beverages.
Sparkling ICE has matured from a new endeavor by the company Talking Rain in the early 1990s to a thriving beverage brand that, according to Morrison, is estimated to reach one billion dollars in revenue by 2018. The revenue sheet and renowned success are directly related to Sparkling ICE refusing to settle or be just another flavored beverage that gets lost in the myriad of mainstays within that market.
More importantly, Sparkling ICE isn't interested in taking their name, core values or business acumen and dabbling in any other type of drinks. While that may sound like complacency, Sparkling ICE sees it as simply striving to grow its flavored water reputation and continue to hone its craft on what it already does incredibly well.
"We are currently recognized as the fastest growing beverage brand in the country, and the reason is simple: bold taste, zero calories, and it is refreshing," Morrison said. "Unlike other companies who look to expand into functional beverages and protein shakes, TalkingRain and its CEO Kevin Klock believe at the end of the day what U.S. consumers are really missing is the 'refreshing' part of beverages."
The innate ability and aptitude to piece together a beverage recipe that is successful is impressive, but perhaps not as awe inspiring as having a popular product and something even more paramount: taste. Sparkling ICE stands as the premier player in the flavored water business, mainly due to their undeniable thirst for being the best at what they do.
Now that truly is a business plan and mission statement that defines refreshing.

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