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Pulling away: Saucony leaves footwear competitors in the dust

Runners might not always be following the same trail or path, but there's one direction or aspect of running and training they can all undeniably agree upon: the shoes.
Whether you're in the midst of preparing for your first half marathon or casually enjoy a nighttime jog around the neighborhood, protecting your feet easily trumps any other concerns when selecting a shoe that is equal parts stylish and practical.
Runners want a streamlined shoe, one that is comfy and allows them to persevere no matter what hurdle or race stands in front of them. Runners are a determined group of individuals that aren't interested in taking a detour, but rather want to attack and conquer anything from the rudimentary to the intense.
Saucony immediately races to the front of the pack in both instances, providing the type of footwear that runners fawn all over thanks to an impeccable design that melds nicely with eye catching colors and designs.
More importantly, runners are quick to endorse Saucony as a shoe that is made specifically with them in mind.

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You could argue rather easily that Saucony exists to serve runners across the world. The shoe and apparel brand carefully cultivating not only a culture that helps this group gravitate toward the absolute best when it comes footwear, but also creating an equally mesmerizing product that almost makes you forget that you've got miles upon miles left in the tank and on those shoes.
In other words, Saucony speaks to runners and assures them that even though they've already covered plenty of ground, there is nothing but open road and optimism in front of them when it comes to achieving their running goals and having shoes and apparel that is equally durable and supportive.
Part of that chatter from Saucony includes a bevy of new releases at given times throughout the calendar year, and 2014 is no exception. This spring, runners will emerge from the colder, winter months with renewed vigor and a product line that makes every stride even smoother.
The Guide 7 and the Mirage 3 highlight this year's field of contenders. The Guide 7 fuses a neon green lined design mixed expertly with a beautiful blue, and is a universally lauded shoe that is perfect regardless of what surface you're running on. The Mirage 3 is decked out in bold red and yellow, and seems too good to be true: it's lightweight and allows runners to zip from one destination to another with ease.
A unique twist from Saucony is its Originals brand that harkens back to the 1970s and 80s, infused with flare and color that makes it wildly sought after and popular.
You might say runners and those who work ardently and diligently at Saucony work to inspire one another. Runners experience various types of trials and tribulations when they're running, and Saucony welcomes the feedback from those out and about hitting the road. In turn, Saucony fine tunes its footwear and apparel based on what runners want out of a shoe.
That's the type of customer service and support that goes above and beyond just rudimentary research and employs an inordinate amount of test subjects to totally embrace the idea that their shoes resonate totally with their core demographic.
But what about the non running community, those who wouldn't classify themselves as core "runners?"
Reasoning would suggest that even if you don't consider yourself a hardcore runner, you'd still gravitate toward Saucony as your brand of choice. Think about the countless hours you spend on your feet at work in those cumbersome heels or overly snug dress shoes and imagine coming home and slipping on a pair of sneakers that epitomize comfort. No matter if you just want to bounce around the house with ease or you're on the way to the gym to tackle the treadmill, Saucony bridges the gap nicely between runners and those who only dabble in it, or simply want a shoe that slips on and saves their feet from certain discomfort.
"We focus on doing one thing incredibly well, making running shoes and apparel, and we've been doing it for a long time," said a Saucony Team Member. "Saucony was founded in 1898 on the banks of the Saucony Creek in Kutztown, PA, and we've been running strong ever since."
That strength exudes in not only the products they offer but how Saucony's determination infuses inspiration into those who wear their footwear and apparel.

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