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Ballpark belly: Even baseball takes crack at feeding obesity

The Arizona Diamondbacks may not have what it takes to win a World Series title, but the franchise feels it has a championship caliber corn dog.
The Diamondbacks introduced the "D Bat Dog" recently to mixed reviews. To clarify, this behemoth of a corn dog measures 18 inches in length and is stuffed with cheddar cheese, bacon and jalapenos. If that's not enough to feed your enormous appetite, the corn dog also comes with French fries for a mere $25.
Those within the Diamondbacks organization with deal directly in concessions can't be more proud of this creation, and actually go as far as to say how much diversity it adds to the menu. Aside from the novelty of the "D Bat Dog" or sharing it among friends at a ball game to see if you can collectively triumph this corn dog on steroids, this menu item is just another example of a disgusting, fatty option for an already struggling society that can't seem to shake bad eating habits or shed unwanted pounds.
Of course, the argument in favor of the "D Bat Dog" is one that rightfully puts the onus on the consumer, especially those who probably shouldn't be taking a run at this righteous corn dog anyway. You have plenty of options when you go to a baseball game, and if you decided to tackle the "D Bat Dog" and regret it later, then that's on your conscious, not that of the Arizona Diamondbacks.
The same could be said if you're out to eat at a restaurant or shuffling up and down the aisles of a grocery store. The buck stops with you, and you alone.

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That is hard to argue and warrants more than just a few affirmative nods from the peanut gallery, but the "D Bat Dog" is just another example of affording those who fall into the obesity or overweight category yet another unhealthy alternative.
Why can't the "D Bat Dog" be the transformed and marketed as a larger than life salad or layer upon layer of grilled chicken? That's simple: it won't sell. Healthy eating has very little appeal, and certainly won't be leading off at snack bars around Major League Baseball, or any other sport for that matter, any time soon.
Food, especially within the confines of a park or stadium, needs to be borderline freak show more than healthy fanatical food. The lure of ingesting a $25, 18 inch corn dog perversely carries a sense of accomplishment to it, and the corn dog has long been a stadium staple.
Kudos to some ball parks and sports teams around the various leagues for offering lower calorie alternatives like Sushi, salads and even smoothies. But unfortunately, those items only receive a modicum of marketing behind them and rarely are featured front and center when it comes to food options.

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