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Six pack: New iPhone software has heart in right place

Chattering centering on the iPhone 6 started the moment the 5s and 5c hit the market, which isn't surprising given the "what's next" mentality centering on our phones, computers and the driving force behind both: the software.
Is the screen going to be bigger?
Will the software improve some of the shortcomings of IOS 7 and the subsequent incarnations (i.e. 7.1, 7.2, etc.)?
When exactly is the release date?
All of these questions and more resonate with the fiery, ferocious pack of consumers who absolutely must have the latest device and piece of technology, and Apple is arguably the one brand that that same group of passionate product hunters watch feverishly to find out when the next big release is on the horizon.

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Apple might not have the swagger and savvy it once did since the passing of leader and lynchpin Steve Jobs, but they're still recognized as an entity that can change the phone and software game in one fell swoop.
The iPhone 6 and IOS 8 pending release is no different.
Rumors are circulating that, in addition to the iPhone 6 phone itself being larger, IOS 8 is going to include Apple's "Healthbook."
Turns out, the soul of Apple is equal parts innovation and inspiration, and the company's heart certainly in the right place with this software.
The Healthbook, part of IOS 8, will allow iPhone 6 users to track their steps, miles and keep tabs on your calorie intake directly through this easy to use software. Also included in Healthbook is the ability to track heart rate, sleep and hydration levels in conjunction with a wearable watch device that will link and sync through the phone.
While Apple irons out all the specific details of its software, it's always refreshing to see companies meld health and fitness with technology in the hopes that consumers follow suit and actually pay attention to how they're feeling or if they're getting enough activity, because now it is so accessible through their phones.
Apps like MyFitnessPal attempt to bridge that gap, but Apple seems to be shortening it even further thanks to the specificity and simplicity of their new IOS 8 software. It's obviously too early to tell if the Healthbook will be met with positive reviews and, more importantly, actually will be used as much or more as a consumer's Facebook or Twitter app, but kudos for Apple for trying to use its notoriety to take a bite out of obesity through its new software.
Apple undoubtedly did its research when piecing together the Healthbook and realizes just how many people struggle with being overweight, and and marketed their software to this demographic. In that respect, Apple could easily be viewed as more opportunistic and more concerned with expanding its revenue more than larger than life waistlines.
But not even that aspect or argument can supersede the creation of Healthbook and Apple's penchant for potentially changing how the general population picks food, choosing a fitness regimen or takes stock of their overall health.

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