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Traveling sale: Want perfect bag? Think versatility first

Anyone who has searched for the perfect travel, duffel or gym bag isn't content on carrying around all three at once and would jump at the chance to consolidate into one, pristine tote that takes care of all your needs.
Finding that unique all in one bag might be more daunting than you'd imagine, given various factors that could play into your next purchase. You obviously want something that is practical and versatile in the same breath, but also plays into your sense of style.
That combination, coupled with a bag that also fits snugly in an overhead compartment for your spring or summertime travel, won't come easy, but pounding a little pavement and staying persistent in your shopping endeavor could provide potent results.
For men and women who enjoy the friendly confines of a neighboring yoga studio and class or the gym in general should consider the Lara Bag and Abia Backpack, both from Lole. The Lara Bag looks the part from a fashionable standpoint and comes in a variety of colors but beyond that it not only sports the kind of space you need for your workout clothes and even that pesky and inordinately odd shaped yoga mat but transforms into a large scale duffel bag or tote.
The duffel bag aspect of the Lara Bag is ideal from a size standpoint, not overly huge where it appears that you should be tossing it into a moving van but not too small that nothing is going to fit well. Lole isn't quite finished there as it also adds the Abia Backpack to its repertoire as a more traditional backpack with a twist.

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The Abia flip flops between backpack and tiny tote slash fanny pack. The backpack showcases lots of spaces and compartments, but the fanny pack is equally mesmerizing given that the look that once rocked the 80s and 90s is now back in style. The Abia Backpack stays consistent with the trends and does an admirable job with not only the design but color scheme of its products.
Traditional suitcases are a little tougher to navigate as far as finding the perfect one. The Lands End Lighthouse Hybrid bag speaks to the masses given that it's on wheels but more importantly it fits nicely into overhead compartments accordingly thanks to its compact design. The nice part about the Lighthouse Hybrid is that it looks like the perfect suitcase, rather than something you took from your parents' attic in a mad dash to find something versatile.
And that should be the general mindset and theme going into your next purchase for the perfect carrying case, otherwise you might as well bag your efforts and continue toting around a myriad of less than marvelous options.

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