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Basket case: Don't go crazy over putting together Easter basket

Most of the time, the traditional Easter basket follows a familiar pattern.
Lots of stuffed animals, mainly bunnies, chocolates, mostly eggs or bunnies, and decorate, fun essentials for kids, maybe like school supplies or stickers.
That Easter basket prototype may sound a bit outdated or antiquated, but this particular gift was never meant to be riddled with iPads or iPods or be nothing more than a repeat of Christmas morning in the spring.
The Easter basket could be equal parts practical and sentimental, but rarely does it center on over the top, lavish gifts or ones that would be deemed expensive enough to mirror what you'd give on a birthday or graduation.
That's not to suggest that you can't stash a few single dollar bills inside some plastic eggs and have the kids to an impromptu Easter egg hunt in the backyard but if they're searching for new smart phones beneath the straw inside those baskets, then you may have stretched your vision of gift giving on Easter a bit further than necessary.

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Put Me In the Story specializes in personalized books that include the child's name within the story. The latest releases from Put Me In The Story are "I'll Never Let You Go" and "If I Could Keep You Little," two marvelous tales that take you through the heart warming story of how paramount the relationship is between parents and their kids, and why moms and dads express nothing but love and adoration for their little ones, even if they're getting older.
As kids go from children to adults, this is the type of book and gift that they'll always look back upon and cherish, more so than any gadget or piece of electronic.
Practically speaking, why not include the aforementioned school supplies or the always favorite kids' staple: the coloring book. The "I See me: Egg Cellent Easter Coloring and Activity Book" fits the bill nicely in that regard being both timely and personal; parents and gift givers can take the child's name and incorporate into the coloring book.
And if you can't resist the temptation to add a piece of technology to your Easter basket, at least make it of the educational variety. Kidoodle.TV takes aim at being equal parts learning and sheer enjoyment for kids as their version of Netflix. This video on demand sensation can be monitored by parents, who also can limit such aspect of Kidoodle.TV such as the amount of time children.
And speaking of parents, what about those would be parents, the new moms and dads of the world when it comes to Easter and giving baskets? An equally nice gesture is one that might be a gift for moms and dads to be if the holiday falls right around the time they're about to be parents. Stocking up on the essentials often can be too much for even the most ardent and organized parents, so why not lend a helping hand before the new bundle of joy arrives right around Easter time?
But forget about the lame socks or obligatory bibs and pacifiers and think outside the box a bit.
Take a look at finding products and items that help make transitioning from couple into parents an easier one, like giving them Sock Ons, Dribble Ons or Mocc Ons. Babies have a tendency to lose socks rather easily in the midst of midnight diaper changes or parents doing more laundry then they'd care to admit. Sock Ons fit over the baby's socks and keep them in place, even if the kicking and screaming goes on for hours. Dribble Ons work to push that dreaded drool and drink spills off to the side and away to keep your baby dry. And for when your baby is ready to give standing or walking a try, Mocc Ons are slip on footwear with a bit of a tread to them, so the slippery kitchen or bathroom floors no longer are issues.
This holiday and the subsequent gift is more about a sweet, gregarious gesture more so than large scale product or technology that seems terribly out of place, like handing over a pristine pastel basket filled with an iPad.
Think about adding something to the basket for kids or parents in training that they'll cherish longer than they're next cell phone upgrade.

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