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Copper toned: Reverse aging thanks to copper based makeup

Finding the fountain of youth might be more realistic than you think.
Who doesn't want to look younger and seemingly reverse the aging process? Women, and to a degree men, might be more inclined to look for the quick fix as you start to get older, whether that's a little BOTOX here and there or even the more dramatic face lift.
But the answer to eliminating wrinkles, firming up your skin and telling fine lines to find someone else to bother doesn't have to translate into painful injections or surgeries that sideline you for at least a few weeks.
Women may be more inclined to search for their skin salvation by changing up their makeup and looking for one ingredient or component that is paramount to preserving collagen, which is directly related to all of the aforementioned traits for skin to look younger.
Say hello to copper.

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As you begin to age, collagen slowly says so long and thus creates wrinkles. Copper is able to reverse that process so to speak by preserving the collagen you have in your skin. Copper also is revered for its ability to moisturize your skin and face, with a remarkable turnaround time as far as how quickly you begin noticing results.
In addition to copper doing wonders with your skin, it also has been proven to help with scarring left behind if you'd had issues with adult acne. If there's one drawback for women when it comes to buying makeup that includes copper it's the price of those products in comparison to others on the market that don't sport copper as one of the components.
That said, looking younger simply by applying makeup that contains copper seems like a small price to pay when you consider the aforementioned, pricy alternatives.
The magic of copper also isn't confined to just makeup, as women also look to it when it comes to buying various shampoos, conditioners or serums for the hair and scalp. Copper helps to enlarge your hair follicles thus giving the appearance of thicker, fuller hair which is a godsend for women who hate their thinner, more brittle locks.
Appearance often outweighs the mighty dollar, especially when it comes to skin and hair as it pertains to justifying cost of various products that help both. This isn't so much a question of vanity as it is prioritizing and thus spending accordingly. If your income suggests you probably can't spend $12 on a bottle of shampoo then so be it.
But copper also is beneficial above and beyond the cosmetic. It can help lower cholesterol and keep your heart stronger just from the foods we choose to eat. Those foods rich in copper include oysters, cashews and everyone's favorite snack: chocolate.
Adding copper to your regimen, regardless of whether it is through makeup, shampoo or food, seems to be gaining more momentum as gospel rather than fad when it comes to not only turning back the hands of time but stopping them altogether.

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