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Dance party: Using treadmill takes turn for better

When you finally determine that it's time to start exercising, you probably find yourself standing squarely in front of one particular exercise machine more often than not: the treadmill.
The treadmill is the most used piece of equipment for beginners, because it's the least intimidating and easiest to master. The treadmill is essentially stationary walking, and most would be exercisers equate weight loss and getting in better shape with cardiovascular activity, thus the line out the door to use this device.
But with all the adulation surrounding the treadmill, it has its faults, one of which is glaring and often contributes to gym goers joining a health club and thus quitting within the first three months. The treadmill is terribly boring, even if you're facing a flat screen TV to watch or are flanked by your MP3 player to help pass the time with your tunes.
Only the true slaves to the habitual grind of walking or running for 20 to 30 minutes three or four times a week can keep up that pace, not because of the actual activity but because the repetition reeks of tedium.
That is, until now.

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Say hello to treadmill dancing, the latest trend in unique fitness that has transformed your treadmill into a moderately moving dance floor that has the masses rethinking their exercise routine. A few viral videos showcasing this fun filled fad features plenty of exercisers absolutely loving the idea that walking on a treadmill has been supplanted by flashing your dance floor moves in your tanks and sweats.
The undeniable draw of treadmill dancing isn't hard to understand or comprehend if you consider why the general public puts exercise on their least favorite things to do list. Exercising typically is perceived as work, not play. It's not fun, but rather something everyone knows they have to do, and then begrudgingly packs a gym bag. Words like "forcing myself" and "have to" are synonymous with the idea of exercising, so it's no wonder why the masses gravitate toward what they believe is going to meld enjoyment and exercise into one entity.
That's why treadmill dancing, Zumba and kickboxing classes usurp traditional machines and circuit training for the better part of the population, the ones that join a gym every January and quit around Valentine's Day.
No one can be certain if treadmill dancing or the other aforementioned activities or group exercise classes with be here to stay for the long term, but that doesn't change the fact that the health conscious consumer won't continue to search high and low for the kind of fitness programs that won't make going to the gym such and arduous task.

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