Top 3 most common travel mistakes

03/31/14 by Holly Clifford

The travel season is fast approach, and even if you're accustomed to packing your bags, hopping in the car or catching a flight, even the most adept and focused of individuals and families can forget a few tips that make your trip or vacation that much more enjoyable.
1. Over packing: This one happens far too often, and really is incredibly avoidable. The general practice is putting as much in your suitcase, with the "just in case" mentality pushing to the forefront of your thought process. But most people tend to come home with a good portion of unused clothes, suggesting they didn't do an admirable job of dissecting what they would be using. Packing extra socks and underwear always is a wise move, but you probably won't be needing five dresses for a two night stay. And as long as you're paying attention and honing your packing skills, you may want to print out a new copy of the rules when it comes to medications or liquids and how to pack them. And please, tighten those caps so you don't open up your suitcase or duffel bag to find that your conditioner or moisturizer has ruined your entire vacation wardrobe.
2. Talk to your bank and creditors: Why exactly does your bank need to know that you're going away on vacation? That may sound like a silly item for your vacation to do list, but it actually will save you from one headache after another. If you're traveling out of the United States or even leaving the state you call home, you should call your bank and let them know. With so much focus today, and rightfully so, on fraud, banks are quick to deny charges that they see as questionable. So if all your purchase take place in Pennsylvania and all of a sudden you're charging away in Arkansas, chances are your bank is going to put a red light on buying, even if you haven't been the victim of identity theft. A simple, authorized phone call to your bank or credit card company can allow you to avoid the certain and inevitable displeasure of standing in line to buy something or attempting to pay the check at a restaurant to no avail.

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3. Overbooking your agenda: It's totally natural to exude excitement and clamor to visit every possible site when you arrive at your destination. But by all means keep in mind that this is your vacation, and part of the reason you've decided to get away is to lessen your stress and forget about having a schedule. Instead of boasting an itinerary that is wall to wall walking around and hitting the major attractions, pick a few that catch your eye and leave yourself plenty of down time to just relax and enjoy yourself.

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