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Organizational skills: Kudos for (trying to) keep life in order

You've got plenty on your "to do" list, including work, kids, cooking meals and finding time to sleep, but one thing always seems to be missing: staying organized.
The fact that you can't seem to keep track of the little things like your keys, wallet or phone all the way up the bigger ones like forgetting how much you have in your bank account to paying that pesky cable bill is upsetting.
You're angry at yourself, mostly because you consider yourself an organized person relatively speaking. You're successful at work, you're healthy and happy when it comes to your extracurricular, outside of the office activities but yet you still manage to miss the little (and big) things, ultimately transforms your bombastic behavior into a sea of frustration.
And, rightfully so.
But don't be too hard on yourself. The hustle and bustle of your busy schedule is both a blessing and curse when it comes to being absent minded or not being quite as organized as you'd like to be. Let's say you welcome the idea that you have something to do for the better part of the entire day; you relate that schedule as one of the main reasons you've experienced success.

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It's your drive and determination that defines you, but also could put your ability to stay focused on your organizational skills at risk. And the key word in that sentiment is "your." Maybe you're completely on point when it comes to presenting at a work meeting and totally on the ball with the kids, planning their activities and finding the time to piece together a home cooked meal.
What about you, however?
Maybe you should consider your organizational needs as well, not just those of your children or significant other. That could mean something simple like buying a few closet racks or storage units within your home for your shoes, purses and other accessories. You'd be shocked to realize how much easier life is when you don't have to rummage around your closet for the right pair of shoes or socks that actually match.
Those grocery store trips might be a little more streamlined and organized as well if you use clear, plastic canisters in your pantry at home. They'll allow you to clearly see what you have and ultimately lead to less stress thanks to all the money you'll have saved.
As for those keys and phone, the latter can be solved with various apps and computer programs that afford you the opportunity to misplace your smart device and not feel dumber because of it. A unique product, Finders Key Purse, puts your keys in plain sight by clipping to any purse and allowing your keys to hang in one place within your bag. The clip itself stays the course and doesn't fall or slip off. Furthermore, it's not unsightly or an eye sore that totally destroys the look and stylish feel of your purse.
Whether you opt to implement a product or just cognitively concoct a plan to overhaul your "to do" list to include you and your needs specifically, there's plenty of reason for organizational optimism moving forward.

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