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Ink block: Does refilling ink cartridge really matter?

To fill or not to fill, that is question.
OK, so maybe contemplating whether or not it is in your best interest to buy your printer cartridges new or have them refilled isn't quite that daunting of a decision, but still is one that is worth your time and attention for a number of reasons.
Will refills save you money? Do brand new printer cartridges actually print better quality than their refill counterparts?
And finally, does it really make a difference if you refill your printer cartridges or buy them new?
All wonderful and pertinent question to consider, but the truth is there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to buying new versus refilling. It's just a matter of taking a long, hard look at how you use your printer ink as far as volume and what price tag you want to put on the forthcoming prints.

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If you're printing hundreds upon hundreds of copies on a daily or even weekly basis, you'll probably opt for the new cartridges in favor of the refills. That isn't a knock on the refills by any means, but they typically don't produce the kind of clean, cut and printing a company would want to put forth.
That means the refilling printer cartridge sector is more of the at home crowds, the ones that might be printing a few pages here and there but can't match the massive amounts of paperwork flying off the printers at offices of varying size. This isn't to suggest that refillable ink isn't worth the time or effort, even though some would suggest that refilling is a messy endeavor.
The cost aspect quickly cleans up that thought process, given that three cartridges can cost you nearly $100 versus around $15-20 for the refillable kind. That is enough to warrant at least an attempt by the general consumer to go with refills versus new. Refills are more than capable of handling print jobs that are modest and the quality of the prints doesn't vary much in comparison to the new cartridges as long as the usage isn't the kind you'd find in a sizable office.
One major aspect holding back refilling is convenience. Going to the store and buying a new cartridge is about as easy as you can get when it comes to fixing your printer issue, rather than engaging in the refilling process.
Some of the more cost efficient customers likely won't mind at little extra work or make it a point to scrutinize down to the last pixel to ensure the prints are pristine. The general perception and actuality of new printer cartridges, however, is that they're rightfully used within larger or small businesses and those owners, CEOs, supervisors and employees that live or die by what their marketing, sales or printed materials look like.
For that reason, new will trump refills when your business depends on it.

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