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Cable bull: Nothing wrong with keeping cable, at least some of it

You can't help but tear into that cable bill each month with a little more fervor and ferocity than the last time.
That's because that bill likely tips the scales at $200 or more, and paying it every month doesn't sit well with you. A few years ago, that dollar amount would hardly be negotiable, and consumer simply had to grin, bear it and write a check to ensure the entertainment didn't skip a beat.
The average cable bill is about $130-140 dollars and that figure is likely going to rise as years pass.
Today, streaming video service is all the rage, and entities like Netflix and Hulu, among others, have muscled their way into contention with your cable company, and have quite the sales pitch and marketing wrinkle: they're very inexpensive.
But the inception of streaming services doesn't necessarily mean you have to say so long to cable or your cable company. It just means that, for the first time, the cable company is going to have to share you.

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Cable television still has a place, and the same could be said for satellite companies. The consumer is savvy enough to realize that a simple game of mix and match can save them a sizable amount of money. That would include purchasing a streaming service like Netflix for under $10 and perhaps scaling back the full package you've been paying for through your cable company.
For example, let's say you just want the bare bones at the cable company and you'll leave the movies to Netflix or those dozens of DVDs sitting on your TV stand shelves. You remember your DVDs, right?
Combining a variety of entertainment options, including purchasing your internet service from your cable company, can easily cut that cable bill in half or more.
The initial idea of losing the likes of MTV, VH1 or some of the other cable television staples might sting a bit initially, but you'll hardly miss them once you begin putting that extra cash back into your checking account and realize that you can watch all your favorite shows online, anyway.
That little caveat, the notion that cable channels often have full episodes available on their own web sites, often gets overlooked. That little nugget might play into your decision making and actually make it a little easier to finally cut a little bit of that cable cord you've been holding on to for so many years.

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