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Friendly reminder: Keeping kids in school loop becoming harder

Technology often is blamed as one of the main culprits behind kids paying less attention to school work and more time devoted to sending text message or checking their Facebook status.
So, it is always a pleasant and welcomed surprise when a company turns the table on gadgets, smart phones and tablets and uses them for the greater good of education.
And that's exactly what Remind101.com does.
This online, free service allows teachers to safely and securely text kids regarding something as simple as a homework assignment or even maintain open lines of communication with moms and dads so that keeping tabs on their children is a pain free undertaking.
What makes Remind101.com so engaging is its aptitude to take something today's generation latches on to (technology) and integrates schoolwork, perhaps something that don't enjoy as much, as part of the mix. It also should be noted that the advisory board that lends credibility and insight into how the product and service should work is comprised of teachers, and what better group of professionals would be better served to critique the good and bad of Remind101.com than those who will ultimately use it the most. One of the more endearing and competent aspects of a company, product or service is not only understanding the demographic they're trying to appeal to but also having the right people in the right places when it comes to researching and developing.

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Remind101.com has those bases covered expertly.
Text messages can be scheduled for a particular time or day, and Remind101.com reminds its customers that not only does this service scream convenience but also is completely safe as far as divulging your phone number, instead making it private.
As much as this service benefits kids who are glued to their phones, it may actually be more of a positive for parents. Sometimes at no fault of their own, parents are particularly busy with a combination of task on their to do list that often takes the entirety of their day. Work, maybe even more than one job, after school pick ups and drop offs, grocery shopping and cooking dinner often overtakes even the most ardent and inspired mom or dad, so Remind101.com allows them to at least have a modicum of access
The reviews for Remind101.com are already in, and they're nothing short of rave ones. With 10 million users in the United States already, this service only seems like it is growing.
Given the simplicity of the service and the fact that the company cares enough to cultivate a culture that infuses technology and teaching in one fell swoop, it's hard not to give Remind101.com a passing grade.

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