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Comfort food: Feed a fever, flu or sickness with something special

Even as the weather shifts from snowy to seasonable, colds and flu season isn't ready to say so long just yet.
Spring time often means the final swan song for feeling under the weather, even thought most of us aren't thinking about getting sick when March and April hits.
But inevitably either you or someone you know will get bitten by the flu or cold bug.
And when that happens, you likely want to be the first of many to wish a friend, family member or co worker a quick recovery that goes above and beyond a text message, simple phone call or even a card sent through the mail.
What about a gift basket?

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That idea should spark equal parts sentimentality and creativity within you, and your insistence on wanting to piece together a basket that is memorable and makes the person receiving it realize just how special they are. And the idea of a basket pertains not only to the cold or flu but also to wish someone a speedy recovery with a more serious illness or perhaps even a congratulatory gesture, such as a new baby or promotion.
Gourmetgiftbaskets.com offers quite the array of occasions to choose from when selecting your next greatest gift basket. These delightful ensembles excite the eyes and tantalize the taste buds, whether you're sending chocolate, wine or cheese to say "great job" or if there's an occasion on the horizon like Easter or Mother's Day that needs something a little more special than just an egg hunt or hearty hug.
Spoonful of Comfort showcases quite the selection when it comes to wishing someone well, whether that's the dreaded and aforementioned cold and flu or something else that may have them feeling not quite like themselves.
Spoonful of Comfort lives up to its moniker and then some with the kind of baskets that are littered with loveable comfort foods and items that make your recovery, whether short or long term, much more tolerable. The baskets include get well soon staples like chicken soup and cookies, along with hot chocolate packets and even a nice, warm blanket or cozy socks. Spoonful of Comfort also sports baskets for just about any other sentiment you can think of, along with care packages of sorts that you'd send to your high school graduate on route to college, just in case they get a little home sick. What's nice about Spoonful of Comfort as well is the ability to personalize any message as part of the gift.
And in the end, the thought certainly counts more than the gift itself, although you'll be sending quite the uplifting and inspiring message if that gift is a basket they'll appreciate and always remember.

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