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Fast burner: Beach season sends you into fat burning mode

So your New Year's resolution came and went, and thoughts of dropping that extra 20 pounds never really materialized as January turned into April. Now, it's crunch time. Literally.
You're only a few months away from pool season, and you are banging out crunches on your living room floor in the hopes that you can transform your gut into a six pack so you don't need to hide behind your beach towel.
But is it too late to burn enough fat before summer?
Thankfully, no.
Roughly two months worth of smart, sensible eating coupled with a moderate to intense exercise program that includes 30 minutes per day around two or three times per week should be enough to make up for your lack of fitness in January and have you primed and pumped for summer.

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It's important to realize, however, that your diet plays a heavier role in how you'll look in your bathing suit more so than exercise, not to demean or downplay that aspect of weight loss either. Experts and personal trainers will tell you that losing weight is 70% diet and 30% exercise until you reach your desired weight, then the percentages reverse to maintain what you've already accomplished.
Your prep work for summer should include plenty of water and ditching diet or regular sodas or anything made from artificial sweetener and lots of sugar. What you don't want to do is saw goodbye to carbohydrates entirely, but you should be implementing a high protein food regimen that includes natural sugars from fruit and plenty of antioxidants and vitamins from vegetables.
The carbohydrates can exist, but only if they're brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes or whole wheat bread. These are considered slow digesting foods as opposed to the alternative, refined carbohydrates that slow you and your weight loss way down.
Not every diet needs to be as strict as you think. Fatty foods aren't off limits, as long as they include the "good" fats from foods like salmon, avocado, peanut butter or nuts. And milk still does a body good, too, as long as it is the skim or low fat variety.
In addition to eating clean, your exercise should be made priority number 1A behind your food choices. One of the bigger misnomers is that you shouldn't weight train or lift dumbbells because you'll get bigger and bulkier; most of the general public sticks to cardiovascular exercise with their rudimentary and boring treadmills.
Nothing is wrong with an outdoor run per say but weight training has been proved through studies to burn as much or more calories as cardio. As long as you're not lifting heavy and are incorporating high repetitions as part of your sets, you'll build longer, leaner and sleeker muscles at the gym.
Between that repertoire and your renowned, reputable diet, you'll be all to anxious to show off your summertime body. And no one has to know, either, that you didn't have it only a few months prior.

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