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Summertime boos: Do your summer clothes draw cheers or jeers?

If you've spotted a poor, sap of a man rocking what would amount to an awful outfit in the summer months, it certainly wouldn't be a first time.
Men tend to struggle mightily when the weather turns warm, and they begin tearing through their dresser drawers for shorts, T shirts and flip flops that teeter on the brink of being banished to the back of the closet.
Guys desperately want to be comfortable and cool with some of their ensembles they piece together, but clearly they are misguided on what they believe is current or appropriate, whether you're just heading out for a leisurely stroll or decide it is warm enough to hit the pool or the beach.
As far as the beach or pool is concerned, men should never make it a point to wear swim suits or trunks that are too small, too tight. This advice should be heeded by men who are in shape as well. Far too often, guys who hit the gym on a regular basis seem to think that this rule doesn't apply to them, but it absolutely does when you're talking about a public beach or pool.
It isn't so much the confidence level of the guy wearing it as much as how uncomfortable and in bad taste it remains to the others within the vicinity.

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But bad clothing for men as far as summertime selections are concerned goes far beyond the obvious, like rocking a speedo by the water.
What exactly are we supposed to do with the men who think socks and sandals is a stylish, fashionable look? Instead, this ensemble screams of someone who is totally disengaged with what looks good and might have been confused just as he left the house. He put socks on, but then decided at the 11th hour before closing the door behind him that he wanted to wear sandals, too.
Just terrible.
Equally mesmerizing in a bad way is the propensity of men to don cargo shorts, even if they don't plan on spending weeks or months on a deserted island. Far too many pockets make cargo shorts an eye sore in the summer time. Instead, pair your T shirt or top with a nice, classic pair of dress shorts that don't make you look like an extra on a "Rambo" movie.
And guys, while you're deciding on what top or shirt to wear, keep on crucial detail in mind: use your buttons. Men of all ages, shapes and sizes somehow associated summer with the idea that we want to their entire chest from neck to navel. That's not the case; either leave the shirt completely unbuttoned or just a few buttons undone at the top. Nothing looks quite as sad as the first five buttons not button, and only the last two snapped into place.
Come to think of it, there are at least a few things in the summer that are a bit sadder when it comes to clothing: men that disregard all sense of fashion simply because they think what they're wearing looks good.
Chances are, it doesn't.

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