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Dog dishes: The skinny on serving homemade dog food is a delicious tale

The health conscious community spares no expenses to ensure that what they're buying, cooking and eating carries with it impeccable nutritional value. If those same individuals who check out food labels, only buy organic and tend to lean toward green vegetables rather than sugary, snack foods also are parents, they'll follow that exact same regimen for their kids.
But what about taking that same mentality with your pets, namely the type of food you're feeding your dog? Man's best friend might think differently if owners have a propensity to shell out nothing more than filler, fatty dog foods and snacks that may in fact shorten their life span, lead to weight gain, depression and leave them feeling rather lethargic.
You know, the same thing that would happen to you if you did the exact same thing.
A diet that is balanced definitely would be a welcomed addition to any doggy dish, especially if you, the owner, opted to concoct your own homemade recipes for your dog right from your own kitchen. Some of the more ardent and advantageous dog owners aren't shy about shouting from the rooftop just how insistent and dedicated they are to promoting and piecing together meals for their dogs that include fresh products and dishes made from scratch.
Those pet owners and experts who have already done this can't help but rave about just how much better their dog feels as a result. Some have even suggested that they've been able to reverse such ailments as irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive issues their dogs may have suffered from previously, before implementing a more organic, fresh diet.

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The one caveat of preparing a meal for your dog, one that doesn't come nicely and neatly wrapped within a 10 pound bag or inside of an aluminum can, is that you may be a novice when it comes to what to buy or how to actually make it so that even your dog doesn't turn their nose up at it.
Thankfully, cooking food for your dog isn't a new concept and actually is one that is being embraced by more than just a modicum of concerned owners that want only the best for their pets, most of which are treated as an extension of the family.
Finding reputable and rather simple recipes isn't quite as trying and taxing as it may have been 10 or 15 years ago. For instance, Gayle Pruitt, a certified nutritionist and chef, recently released a remarkable and impressive book aptly titled "Dog Gone Good Cuisine" this year. Within these perfectly penned pages are dishes that sound like they belong at the head of the table, rather than in a dish placed neatly on the floor for your dog.
Such savory choices like Beef Sliders and Salmon Florentine headline an all star cast of cuisine put forth by Pruitt.
Resources like the one provided courtesy of "Dog Gone Good Cuisine" is a sample of how convenient the transition can be from buying questionable dog food at your local grocery store to knowing exactly what goes into each meal you're placing in front of your pet.
If that mentality is good enough for you and your family, who can honestly say it isn't equally as potent for your pooch?
The fact that the food you're serving your dog can actually taste good is just an added bonus to the otherwise upbeat, favorable and healthier trend of making your own dog food.
Doggie bag, anyone? No, didn't think so.

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