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Mama's little helper: Baby toys and gadgets make parents' job that much easier

Parents undoubtedly flock toward any and all products that promise to make life as a mom and dad a little less hectic and much simpler.
Diaper changes, car seats and a plethora of entertainment options and toys to choose from put parents in a position that is equal parts enviable and leery.
On one hand, technology and the innovation that is today's products conceivably creates an atmosphere at home that gives parents that proverbial free hand that they're almost talking about day in and day out. But with so many options to choose from, finding the perfect item is just another decision put forth for parents to make.
Thankfully, a few products seem like they're tailor made to not only be overly successful but also ones that parents will keep close by as staples.
Any parent knows just how much kids appreciate entertainment on those car rides, no matter how long or short they may be. Parents like the peace and quiet, too. Not every mom and dad are fortunate enough to have the LCD TVs attached to the back of the driver and passenger head rests.

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With that, tablets and smart phones seem to be the flavor of choice to keep kids busy, but that creates another question: how do we keep kids from watching television that is appropriate?
Problem solved thanks to Kidoodle.TV, an online streaming service that is best equated to Netflix or Hulu that was created with kids ages 12 and younger in mind. They have plenty of content and are building their library day by day.
Even better about Kidoodle.TV is parents are allowed to choose and program the shows their kids are watching.
And as long as you're making the car rides easier, why not add safety to the parents' wish list?
Instead of mom or dad turning around every few minutes to check on their kids, you can install the Always in View baby monitor. The name pretty much sums up the practicality of this monitor, which attaches to your front windshield, similar to how a GPS would look. The cute aspect of the Always in View monitor is that the camera portion facing the children straps in and is disguised with a stuffed animal slip cover over it. Kids can't help but stare at the stuffed animal, all the while parents can feel comfortable knowing that the can keep a close eye on anything and everything the backseat may bring.
Both the Always in View baby monitor and Kidoodle.TV take the baby product business to an entirely new level, one that parents embrace wholeheartedly given their simplicity and usefulness.
Not every mom and dad has outside help when it comes to taking care of their babies and small children, so finding products that, at the very least, make that process easier is paramount.

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