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One and done: Is the new HTC phone the last you'll ever buy?

A phrase that most cell phone manufacturers and marketers alike love to mutter is how this particular model or this year's version is "the last phone you'll ever buy."
For the HTC One M8, those words finally might ring true.
In a marketplace that waits with baited breath for anything associated with Samsung or Apple, the HTC One M8 is putting those same consumers in a situation they're not used to being in; they're actually questioning whether their smart phones finally have met their match.
The HTC One M8 is garnering rave reviews to the point that long time Apple and Samsung fans fee like they're about to jump ship. After using the HTC M8 only a few times, you can see why their alliance is starting to waiver.
HTC One M8 covers the basic but does it in a way that makes even the rudimentary seem exquisite. The screen is large and feels like you're watching an HDTV. More importantly for the growing consumer base that uses their phone as a television or music player is the incredibly sound quality exuded by the HTC One M8 speakers. They trump anything that you'd find on current smart phones, most of which have speakers that are paltry at best.

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When you're talking about cell phones and smart ones at that, most consumers clamor for functionality from its operating system more than anything else. The Apple brand of smart phones seem a few pegs ahead of all contenders in that regard. Snapping a picture on an Apple iPhone doesn't seem like much, until you want to send it via text or email. Something that simple is a flawless feature that Apple nails. Samsung is a little clunkier in that regard.
HTC One M8 actually leans a little closer to Apple in this regard with the way the phone handles, especially the fact that the HTC version focuses a lot on the touch screen more so than any other smart phone on the market. Just a simple double tap on the screen takes it out of the sleep mode for example.
If you have toiled between Apple and Samsung and haven't settled on a favorite, you might want to consider the HTC as a happy medium between the two. It actually implements the best of both those worlds and adds plenty of its own flavor as well.
In the smart phone game, it's hard to stay ahead of the curve and continue to be innovative. The HTC One has managed to do both.

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