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Passing the bar: Men might want to rethink affinity for soap

Most men probably don't give using soap on their face a second thought.
That is until they get glimpse of what that harsh bar is doing to their skin. Even men who are opposed to spending frivolously on face wash or other skin savings products that go above and beyond bar soap and a wash cloth might be inclined to give those items a second thought after taking a long, hard look in the mirror.
Bar soap seems easy, neat and convenient but in actuality in dries out the skin and is comparable to harsh dish washing soap as far as sharing some of the same components and ingredients. Bar soap simply leaves your beautiful, manly face a shell of its former self. If you absolutely must have a bar of soap at your disposal, make sure it is one that is made specifically for the face.
This is especially pertinent for guys, who have to shave that same spot. Your pores probably aren't going to be overly interested in the unwanted pairing of razor burn, stubble and dry skin brought on by bar soap.
That's why men should broaden their horizon when it comes to face and skin care, and actually give in and start purchasing products that will make them look younger, healthier and preserve what tight and tone skin they have remaining.

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Suggesting that face wash, creams and night time treatments are tailor made for men just as much as it is for women might be a tough sell for some consumers. But several products just can't be ignored for their magnificent blend of manliness, machismo and manageability.
Nivea is one household name that nips dry skin in the bud with a litany of products for washing and caring for your face, whether it's something as simple as a scrubbing wash or pre and post shave products, including a soothing and sensational after shave balm.
One product, Kiss My Face Moisture Shave, manages to meld the best of both worlds by treating your face just right before and after your shave. This is equal parts face wash and shaving helper.
The stigma that buying anything but soap for your face isn't a "guy thing" is terribly outdated and antiquated way of thinking. Skin is skin, whether you're a man or a woman. If you don't want to make smooth, healthy skin a high priority, then so be it.
But for those men who opt for an alternative to soap should be lauded for their decision, rather than have it be seen as anything more than laughable and unnecessary.

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