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Odd couples: Certain foods that don't mesh somehow make it work

Pairing foods that, on paper, look as thought they have no business sharing the same plate or bowl seems like risky business. Turns out from a taste standpoint, it's just business as usual.
Whether you're a chef by trade or simply trade in your business suit or work attire for an apron after a long day, the kitchen can be more than just a black and white area when it comes to how food is prepared. Instead of following a recipe or sustaining the mundane with how you cook, you should consider tickling your palate with something that goes off the grid, and mix and match foods that seem like odd couples but actually meld quite well together.
Perhaps the most famous of these foods came about thanks to Elvis Presley making his peanut butter and banana sandwiches the king of creations while he was busy being the "King of Rock and Roll." At the time, this concoction not only helped pack the pounds and give birth to "fat Elvis," but also seemed highly questionable. Some rumors even had Presley adding bacon and onions to that famed sandwich. In any event, Presley and his peanut butter may have paved the way for others to begin dabbling in the unique with foods, making him more than just a legend in music.
Beyond Elvis and his affinity for sandwiches, your kitchen is a blank canvas and daring to do more than the rudimentary often makes the difference between the bold and the bland. Elvis would be in his glory with the latest trend of pickles and peanut butter boldly going where no sandwich or snack has gone before. This sandwich sounds utterly disgusting but those who have tried this melange of mismatched foods swear it's not bad.
And what about the new trend of using popcorn in place of the crouton, whether that means ditching the latter on your salad or opting for a few popped kernels in a hot cup of soup? This may sound a bit odd, but it actually is quite savory and healthy at the same time.

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According to Clean, Lean and Sexy, which makes an air popcorn that is the epitome of health and wellness, popcorn is equal parts whole grain and filled with antioxidants. But the brains behind the renowned Clean, Lean and Sexy popcorn brand warn that some popcorn is too fatty and high in calories. That's why they created something that goes against the grain and actually is tasty and tames that tummy.
Your tummy may have some trouble staying thin and toned if you not only eat your slices of pizza one after another but pair it with its favorite condiment, ranch dressing. This duo is deadly when it comes to calories but earn plenty of points with a taste that can't be topped.
For something a little healthier, try strawberries topped with balsamic vinegar salad dressing. There's something about that mixture of sweet fruit and the acidic nature of the balsamic that beckons you to the table.
Not every food combo is a match made in heaven but kudos to those who have tried to throw a wrench into the game plan and put together dishes that, quite frankly, have no business being together. That creativity astutely and absolutely gave the masses a few more masterpieces that they can enjoy.

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