Slam funk: New Jordan shoes are stellar but too pricey

04/24/14 by Rennie Detore

Years after his retirement, the Michael Jordan name still is a cash cow.
The Jordan brand brings instant credibility and revenue to anything he attaches himself to, whether he's making special appearances for the NBA or touting just how great tag less shirts are for Hanes.
But Jordan's greatest achievement off the court is his contribution to creating shoes that, despite hefty price tags, always are hot sellers and highly anticipated.

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Since his days with the Chicago Bulls and into retirement, Jordan and his shoes have stood the test of time and remained popular with a new generation of kids who never even saw Jordan shoot one basket during his career. It doesn't hurt Jordan and his marquee that he's widely regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time, who just happens to lend his name to the most famous sneakers in the his famed footwear.
The latest set of shoes are the Air Jordan XX9 from Nike, which certainly looks stunning, dazzling and something that a modern day Jordan would be wearing while driving to the hoop and steering a team to the NBA Championship.
The new Air Jordan's include a sleek look and technology that Nike says afford customers the feeling of every shoe tailoring itself to the size and shape of your foot. All this sounds too good to be true, until, of course, you get glimpse of the price.
The Air Jordan XX9 shoes are priced at $225, but Nike and everyone involved in the creation and marketing of the shoes probably aren't overly concerned about that price point.
And why would they?
Any and all things "Air Jordan" will fly off the shelves the same way Jordan soared from the foul line to rim for his illustrious career. That thinking might be true to an extend, but given the nature of the economy and a serious shortage of expendable income, Nike really is relying heavily on the nostalgia and name value of Jordan.
Even for the likes of Jordan, no matter how great he was, how many championships he won or current players he influenced, this is a tough sell in 2014. Being "like Mike" might not be possible for the masses, who might want to use that extra $200 for bills, car loans or mortgage payments in lieu of gifting their kids shoes that they'll either grow out of or, at some point, ruin.
Today's parents seem a little more cost conscious and savvy when it comes to money and spending it frivolously, especially on something as rudimentary at shoes. That's not to say that some moms and dads might shell out that kind of cash for their son if they're of the belief he's NBA bound or want to do something incredibly special for the holidays.
But for Nike to assume that $200 shoes and selling them won't be a problem seems more like an air ball than a slam dunk.

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