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Watching and waiting: Why watches have fallen by the wayside

Try and remember the last time you put a wristwatch on your wish list.
Probably been a while, right?
That's because watches for men and women aren't necessarily as wanted or needed as they once were. Since the inception of the cell phone, less people tend to buy watches. The sale of watches started to wane in the early 2000s, with most people citing that it's easier to check their phone or the date or time, and they'll also save money by not having to necessarily buy a watch in addition to that several hundred dollar smart phone.
There still are plenty exceptions to the no watch rule, most of which border on practicality, posturing and protection. The protection part comes in the form of not wanting to expose your cell phone to the elements such as rain or snow and instead opt to purchase a durable wristwatch that is resistant to inclement weather.
If you're someone who works outside, for example, the last thing you want to do is jeopardize your cell phone. In this instance, the best bet is to spend the money to purchase a watch that is tailored to the type of work you do. This category of watches has stayed relatively consistent from a sales perspective, given the number of people that hunt, fish or make it a point to go camping on a regular basis. That crowd can't completely justify just using their cell phones.

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Watch experts and connoisseurs alike often point to buying timepieces as more about defining and showcasing a specific stature rather than touting the ability to tell time. That notion might seem to go against the idea that watch sales are sagging. Even though less people are buying and subsequently wearing watches, the higher end models such as Rolex still rake in plenty of revenue. Consumers still clamor for the notoriety of what those timepieces say about those who wear them. Wearing a Rolex might suggest to some that you've reached a certain success plateau.
Stunning and superb wrist watches certainly won't go unnoticed, but you have to honestly wonder if anyone is actively searching out these exquisite accessories aside from the water resistant market or the demographic that equates watch quality with how much they're worth.
That doesn't mean an average, ho hum watch is worthless but rather just might not be as popular or sought after as they once were.

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