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Celebrity effect: Can you learn anything from celebrities and their fitness

Go ahead, it's OK to stare.
That's exactly what celebrities want you to do when you gaze upon their beauty and perfection on the cover of magazines or when they're preparing for their close ups on television. You'll watch and listen intently for the most part, but what really is permeating through your thoughts is feelings of not believing what you're looking at on TV or in those photos.
Celebrity photos are fake, right? That's the general perception, that everything you seem has been airbrushed, touched up and adjusted to the point that the original is far cry from what shows up on your computer or magazine stand.
As far as celebrities in person, you can only assume that they have professional chefs, celebrity trainers and enough make up to last a lifetime. And, truthfully, you're probably not far off with those assumptions.
But what about celebrities and how they eat, exercise or take care of themselves can you actually digest and use to help yourself? Beyond celebrities being spoon fed personal training and meals carefully crafted with calories, fat and carbohydrates in mind, you have to remember that they're just people and struggle with the same yo yo dieting and weight gain that everyone does.

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Naturally, they have the means to be able to perhaps address it in a timelier fashion, but they're still responsible for what they're eating or the number of times they get to the gym. You can argue that the life of a celebrity revolves around how they look, and setting aside four hours every day at the gym for Brad Pitt is a lot easy for you or your neighbor. Again, very true but does that excuse you from not going to the gym at all? So what if you can't work out for half of your day; no one is expecting you to do that, nor is it necessary. There is such a thing as gym exhaustion and working out too hard to the point that it is counterproductive.
What you can learn from celebrities in this regard is a mindset that allows them to put a high priority on how they eat and how much activity they get. That simple mentality is applicable no matter if you're The Rock or an average Joe or Jane.
And you can also learn what not to do?
That includes celebrity diets that would be deemed as "crash," or ones that are unhealthy at the core. These actors and actresses might need to lose 20 pounds in a ridiculously short amount of time. You actually have the upper hand in that regard, considering you're not shooting a movie any time soon. That means you can gradually and safely rid yourself of excess weight and an eating patter that is terribly flawed.
Remember, you don't need to be photo shoot ready like your favorite superstar, but picking and choosing at least of few of the things they do right, while ignoring the behaviors that aren't so ideal, will absolutely assist you to reach your goals.
Even if no one other than you is paying attention.

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