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Candy coded: How to use that leftover Easter candy wisely

A staggering statistic about Easter rightfully centers on the sheer amount of chocolate and candy purchased for that one day. Americans spend billions (that's with a "b") on Easter candy each year, and you can't imagine that all those giant chocolate bunnies, peeps and jelly beans get consumed within the course of one day.
That leaves men, women, children and parents alike searching high and low for places to stash their leftover Easter candy. Rather than take all that extra and simply dump it into a trash can, why not do something a little more progressive and creative with it? And that doesn't mean save it and store it with the hopes that you can work enough magic to make the candy and chocolate last until Halloween.
Plenty of Easter candy that doesn't get consumed often will find its way to a candy jar or dish somewhere in the home, and that only leads to munching and snacking on the chocolate in the month of April and regretting it a few weeks later when bathing suit season hits.
Some savvy Eastern enthusiasts might decide that they're intent on keeping the uneaten chocolate around longer than its presumed shelf life and will decide to freeze it and maybe transform a few bunny ears into some delicious and delectable chocolate chip cookies in the near future.
And what about those famous Peeps? These marshmallow treats would be the perfect menu item for a nighttime, springtime bonfire in conjunction with chocolate and graham crackers. In short, Peeps make great replacements for plain, old white marshmallows in your S'mores snacks.

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Hard candy won't do much for your cookie recipe per say, but the truly imaginative wouldn't be content with having that type of Easter candy forgotten and instead transform it into something fun for the kiddies. What parent wouldn't love to turn their hard candy into an activity for the kids that will melt their heart?
That might include a jelly bean painting that belongs on the front of the fridge or any sort of artwork that gives kids that much anticipated and wanted green light to play with their food.
From playing to creating, Easter candy doesn't have to go to waste this year. Perhaps in previous years you condemned your over spending and didn't exercise the patience to put a little effort into thinking outside the chocolate box.
This year, your Easter candy put smiles of everyone's face above and beyond just eating it.

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