The flix is in: Will Netflix price hike really matter?

04/22/14 by Mike Catania

No one is going to argue that Netflix is easily the best value in entertainment with a price point that is less than $8 and is wildly popular among customers that want movies, television and first run programming for a stellar price.
The real test and debate is going to be just how loyal those same customers are going to be now that Netflix has announced that they're going to be raising their prices at the end of the year. According to Netflix, the streaming sensation tested a price hike in their other markets overseas, and the modest increase went relatively unnoticed by current customers. With that Netflix feels confident that a price jump won't cause the masses to jump ship.
Chance are, they're right on the money, and not much will change in the United States when Netflix finally pulls the trigger. Truthfully, raising the price, rumored to be $8.99 or $9.99, seems like a natural progression for Netflix, rather than a price increase just for the sake of doing so.

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Keep in mind a few things before you begin throwing a fit over a few dollars.
Netflix has done plenty in the past few years to add first run programing to their docket as well as increasing the number of television shows and movies that are well known flicks as opposed to films no one knows or wants to see.
Some true pessimists may point to Netflix and their recent partnership with Comcast as proof that Netflix is turning from a customer friendly business into a corporately driven company that most likely will continue to increase prices. Price increases over the next decade might come to fruition but for now it's hardly worth discussing and seems a bit too premature.
And even if the Netflix price point eventually hits the $13 or 14 mark, you'd like to think that the increase will come with more original series from the company and first run programming that continually adds to the already impressive library.
Given the rising cost of cable and the questionable contracts from satellite dish companies that start at a reasonable price but change drastically, Netflix has crafted a niche in the marketplace that has some customer even going as far as canceling cable altogether and relying solely on streaming entertainment, led by Netflix.
It's hard to imagine a shift so great that Netflix all of a sudden won't be sought after as a viable choice when it comes to television and movies.
And a few dollars certainly won't be a deciding factor.

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