Rough draft: Why is NFL Draft so popular?

04/28/14 by Rennie Detore

Hours upon hours of coverage that spans over the course of days and includes expert panelists, analysts and round the clock reporting might sound a little excessive, unless of course you're talking about a breaking news story.
But what sounds like the exact description of something you'd find on CNN actually defines what fans of professional football fans are treated to every spring when the NFL Draft hits the airwaves. Thirty two NFL teams begin to jockey for position, and coaches spend countless hours reviewing tape on just about every college football prospect you could imagine.
Turns out, the NFL fans pretty much do the same.

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The NFL Draft has transformed from an afterthought a decade ago to an event that sees fans of the sport congregate to watch every, waking moment. From the very first, No. 1 overall pick to "Mr. Irrelevant" (the pseudonym given to the player picked dead last in the draft), the NFL Draft draws millions of viewers and consistently performs better than most of what is offered on cable as far as ratings are concerned.
Anyone who has watched what the NFL Draft is all about could easily wonder aloud just what makes it so popular. It's a lot of talking and canned college football highlights, along with plenty of down time between picks that usually is filled with plenty of banter back and forth between draft experts employed by ESPN.
Personally, the draft never seemed like more than television filler or an event that was geared toward the men and women that live and die by their NFL teams and probably spend the football off season plotting and planning the following year's fantasy football team. For the sector of sensational, exuberant fans that stay glued to their TVs for the weekend that is the NFL Draft, then so be it.
Those super fans certainly are what make the NFL a billion dollar business. They're the ones that buy a jersey for every team, purchase the NFL Ticket for a few hundred dollars each year so they don't miss a game and probably even venture out of their man or woman cave to catch a live game.
And, they're most certainly the same football clientele that are in the process of planning their NFL Draft day party, second only to the Super Bowl, of course.
One of the main reasons why the NFL Draft connects with so many fans these days is the population and their need for information at their fingertips. The draft is the closest thing to a live action app that constantly updates on your smart phone.
Picks, analysis, opinions, updates. Then, repeat the process. The slew of information put forth by the NFL Draft is consistent, timely and everything the masses wants from their news outlets. And ESPN is adept at not giving those fans watching a moment to look away. The production is top notch, the graphics are out of this world, and the marketing leading up to NFL Draft day makes your assume that you simply can't miss any of it.
Given the millions of people that watch every year, it's hard to argue against skipping it.

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