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At the movies: Toys take center stage and typically score big

A toy is hardly just a piece of plastic stuffed inside a box these days but rather more about not only selling a particular product but turning the brand into box office gold.
From Captain America to Lego, toys not only find themselves on the shelves in various retailers or toy stores but also being considered for mass production on the silver screen in the form of feature films that lately have had the Midas touch as far as generating revenue for producers and directors.
Captain America recently ruled at the movies, but some pundits might argue that the built in audience was already there since this film piques the interest of comic book lovers young and old. The same could be said for Spider Man, Batman and The Incredible Hulk as far as arguing that the characters existed in print before any toys or movies hit the mainstream for the masses.
That point is totally fair, but what about the likes of Lego, Tranformers and, to some extent the Toy Story franchise. The Lego movie hardly seemed plausible or destined for success given the toy isn't necessarily associated with characters. But the Lego movie didn't disappoint both from an entertainment and revenue standpoint.
The Transformers franchise of films and their success is well documented as the fourth installment is set to hit the theaters this summer. Cast changes hardly will stall Transformers, suggesting that the toys and the name value alone usurps who the leading actors are in the film.

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The next toy related feature film that is being discussed is one featuring the 1950s iconic toy, Barbie. This film already is shrouded in controversy given that Barbie isn't exactly making many friends and recently has come under fire for being "too perfect" and not the ideal role model for little girls. Barbie is too perfect, some argue, and give young females an unrealistic view of beauty. The movie might add more fuel to the fire depending on who is cast as the lead and the overall message of the film.
The appeal of Barbie can't be denied but one has to wonder how well it will adapt to a movie or if potential backlash or protestors to the film will deter crowds. Parents ultimately will determine how they feel about Barbie and whether they feel it is appropriate for their daughters.
At least that's the way is should play out.
Nonetheless, it's easy to assume that Barbie will follow in the successful footsteps of Lego or Transformers and only adding to the lure of toy movies and the belief that they're relatively sure fire successes once they hit the big screen.

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