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Speak easy: Voice activation sounds like pretty good plan

The arrival of Amazon Fire TV created buzz thanks mostly to the television commercials featuring Gary Busey. But aside from the eccentric actor talking to his lamp or giving off a stare that is unnerving at best, one aspect of the Amazon Fire TV caught everyone's attention: the ability to speak to the remote and search for what you want.
This technology is hardly groundbreaking, considering today's tablet and smart phones include the talk and type function as standard. For streaming TV services, however, this is uncharted territory before Amazon fired up the marketplace and stirred some competitors into following suit.
Recent news from Apple TV has the iconic brand seriously discussing implementing Siri into its TV top box, a move that appears like they're following in Amazon's footsteps. Of course, Siri has been around for quite some time, but she's never been asked to partner up with Apple TV to this point.
Wait, is Apple losing its touch? Do they actually "follow" someone, rather than continually be the leader in their computer, software and gadget field?
In this case, Apple can argue that they're the kings of the voice activation and point to their iPhone as proof of that. Apple always had the technology but perhaps not including it in their TV set was a mere oversight, and it took the arrival of Amazon Fire TV to jog their collective memories.

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No matter why reasoning for adding voice activation to Apple TV, the decision is equal parts overdue and highly welcomed and anticipated. For as much as voice activation finds itself as the butt of jokes on phones (yes, we've all asked Siri to pull up Google and instead given us an internet search for goggles), this particular technology would be a welcomed changed to how we search and subsequently watch television.
Typing movie titles or television shows on that remote control seems incredibly outdated and annoying, especially when you take into consideration how far phones, tablets and other products have come as far as finding what you want at a moment's notice.
Finally, television takes the hint.
First Amazon and now potentially Apple TV most likely will be followed by the rest of the pack, and that copy cat syndrome isn't necessarily a bad thing. For the consumer, it's more convenience which is the ultimately the driving force behind why technology exists. Thankfully for lovers of television, this software isn't something that is in the works but rather is viable at this very moment.

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