Star struck: Star Wars fans not quite ready to jump ship

05/01/14 by Rennie Detore

This "galaxy" isn't so far away anymore.
After the initial announcement from Disney that a new Star Wars movie was in the works, fans of the movies instantly embraced the news, and further proved that certain brands simply are untouchable.
And tops on that list is "Star Wars."

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More recently, Disney and Lucasfilm decided it was time to reveal the casting of the pending movie, "Star Wars: Episode VII" as the anticipation builds for a movie that isn't set to hit the big screen until December 2015.
The date is a moot point, as is last three movies put forth by Star Wars creator George Lucas, the now infamous Episodes I-III. Lucas cashed in on these prequels but hardly left his legions of fans captivated or satisfied with these installments, especially the first two.
The movies were underwhelming at best but still made Lucas and his franchise even richer when it was all said and done. Even with Lucas' creative slip up on Episodes I-III, the revelation that Episode VII is happening instantly makes the Star Wars faithful forget just how bad the last round of Star Wars films truly were.
You could argue that Disney and Lucasfilm did their part first and foremost by attaching J.J. Abrams to the project as the director. He's lauded and renowned as a creative juggernaut that brought to life other brands that seemed virtually dead; "Star Trek" immediately comes to mind. He also took over the producing reigns of the "Mission Impossible" movies and managed to make these flicks fun and relevant again.
The inclusion of Abrams helps immensely, and his presence adds credibility to the project more so than if Lucas was the one pulling the droid strings this time around. But as crucial as Abrams is to the equation, along with the returns of original stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, the cast and director won't make or break Star Wars.
Truthfully, aside from Lucas and the "Star Wars: Episode 4," the box office results and subsequent success really has always been a given. Episode VII likely will follow the same path as its predecessors: long ticket lines at the midnight showing on opening night, fans gathered in droves dressed like Darth Vader and breaking box office records before Episode VII is barely a few weeks old.
That's the benefit Disney, Lucas and Abrams have when you attach yourself to a proven commodity. The addition of Abrams and Disney adding its wondrous touch serve as a backdrop of sorts to the notion that Star Wars and its legacy won't waver no matter what movies in the storied franchise we loved and ones that we hated.
On opening night in December 2015, all of negativity will fall by the wayside as adults who watched the original film as children in the late 1970s will return to see how it all "ends," while perhaps introducing their kids, an entirely new generation, to characters that are timeless and a story, despite muddled at time, is priceless.
Amidst it all, Star Wars stands tall, commands attention and ultimately will continue to define a legacy that indelible is linked to iconic status. If you still don't believe it to be true, wait for Episode VII to arrive and even if you hear a few pundits put down the movie, you can rest assured that when Episode VIII rolls around before 2020, the crowds won't die down, the fever pitch in preparation for the movie won't wane and legions of faithful followers will find their way to the theater multiple times.
That is the mark of a movie franchise that is impervious.

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