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Single spaced: How to stay single and love it ... for now

George Clooney could easily be classified as the ultimate bachelor. Now, he's getting married.
But Clooney seemingly was able to dodge engagement and marriage with tremendous grace and style to the point that he made living the single life seem incredibly fulfilling and hardly looked lonely after each and every breakup.
How did Clooney pull off being single for so long and seemingly loved every second of it?
That question is somewhat skewed considering the gentleman involved was an A list movie star worth millions of dollars. That perk puts Clooney in a league of his own as far as bouncing from one beautiful woman to the next without much regret between relationships.

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For everyone else, you probably assume that some day you won't be single but in the meantime want to make the most of it for the time being. A lot of how you view being single is attitude first. Don't always
view yourself as the only single person in your crowd of friend or the presumed "third wheel" on that would be double date.
When posed by friends or the family about why you're still single, give the question some serious thought and answer it honestly. Maybe you're focusing on you first. That may sound cliché, but expound on that answer above and beyond the standard response. Talk about how much you love your career, even if you're not the star of Ocean's 11, 12 or 13. Maybe you want to get yourself financially settled and stable before you add another variable to your money woes.
In addition, it's perfectly fine to brag a little bit about life's little pleasures that you enjoy versus your spoken for or married friends. You can do what you want, when you want and ideally only answer to one person: you. Don't be afraid to whip our your cell phone and show everyone the new motorcycle you bought or the fact that you don't have a rewards card to Babies R Us.
Even Clooney caved to engagement after years of dodging the proverbial marriage bullet, so that would suggest being single has its moments but even the quintessential bachelor probably doesn't mind that someone finally bagged him.
Clooney never officially swore off marriage. Maybe he was incredibly picky or was waiting for the right person. One thing he did right was, at the very least, gave himself a chance to be happy and acted when the time was right.
No matter how long that took.

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