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The big Apple: Apple cuts price but promises nothing else changes

Whatever you do, don't call Apple cheap. They prefer a more euphemistic approach to how their products are identified.
Call them intelligent, savvy or expanding their brand through a more prudent pricing structure.
The latest Apple forage into a lesser expensive model continued recently when the company put forth a Macbook Air model that comes in just under a $900 starting point, roughly $100 less than originally price tagged. Apple is opting to lower its pricing, but it has nothing to do, according to them, with customers buying any lesser of a laptop but rather broadening their appeal to include those who perhaps can't afford a Mac but wouldn't mind taking one for a test drive.
As much as Apple users and pundits alike might take exception to the price cut, it's nothing new from the brand from Silicon Valley. They've put out plenty of lesser expensive iPhones and iPads (the mini), and that move may have been met with criticism from the elitists within the Apple community but resonated with a clientele that perhaps felt as though the product line was above their financial grasp.
What exactly is wrong with any company altering their pricing in order to gain more customers, without sacrificing quality, efficiency and durability? In short, nothing.

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But once Apple started showing up in Wal Mart or offering an iPhone for a hundred bucks, the entire electronic and gadget community thought their world was crumbling around them. How could Apple lower pricing? Apple often carried the stigma that it was only set aside for upper class retailers and equally financially adept customers.
Truthfully, Apple deserves more praise than finger pointing for expanding their retail horizon and inviting everyone to their party, rather than making it feel like a member's only type affair. And it is not as if Apple all of sudden dropped pricing and then carted out a weaker, less enticing piece of equipment.
Did the lower priced iPad work just as well as the regular one? What about that 5c iPhone; any real complaints?
Probably not. And until the day comes when Apple starts stocking shelves with phones, laptops or tablets that start falling apart or are deemed by consumers alike as products that lack the signature Apple seal of approval, then subsequent discussion about what's wrong with Apple can rightfully ensue.
Until then, it's (smart) business at usual at Apple.

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