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Hair today, gone tomorrow: How to know it is time for hairstyle change

No one likes to be told their style is outdated, and that includes your hairdo.
But how do you know when it is time for a change?
A lot of makes or breaks the perfect locks is equal parts controllable and not as much. Let's say as a guy you're starting to get a little thinner on top, but you're hell bent on hanging on to what can only be described as "scraps."
The comb over isn't a good look, and if a friend or family member hasn't already suggested a change, then you need to step up to the barber chair and save what's left of your pride. And even if your man has all of his precious hair but doesn't know what to do with it, then that's equally bad.
If you, the friend, spouse or fiancee, see something on your guy that looks like a mullet or frosted, highlighted hair tips on a 40 something year old man, then it is your responsibility to speak up immediately.

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Talk about updating your hair style doesn't have to be all bad news, however.
Often would be moms who are about to welcome their first, second or 10th child opt for a cut that is short, stylish and, most importantly, easy. Moms will tell you that kids take up more than just some of their time, so toiling around your hair products and carefully crafting a look from your long hair, aside from a pony tail, isn't realistic.
A new hairstyle also can run parallel with another drastic change in your life, perhaps getting married, divorced or recent weight loss.
Then again, there's always the notion that your hairstyle is terribly outdated.
This one is a little tougher of a subject to broach, because there really isn't a nice way to say that you look older than you appear or your hair looks like something that would harken back to the 20s or 50s. One subtle way, especially for women, would be to invite a friend who doesn't realize that she's struggling with her hairstyle to a spa or salon day, and casually bring up changing her look. The last thing you want to do is bring it up at a random lunch or attempting to wiggle the comment into conversation that seems terribly out of place.
If that's your game plan, then you obviously aren't afraid to share your opinions or you have the kind of relationship that won't deteriorate over a hair cut, color or style. Your hair is quite personal, so being told it isn't up to par might be tough to hear. So that's why your best bet is to literally take a look in the mirror and make the change yourself.

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