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Game on: Why you need to buy an original Nintendo

Today's video games are visually stunning and so incredibly lifelike that a passer by or onlooker might assume that they're watching a movie or actual sporting event and not watching people playing a game.
But somewhere between the Atari 2600 and today's Play Station 4, video games have made leaps and bounds as far as the intricacies of game play and remarkable graphics but lost their innocence and hardly fall under the tag line of "game."
Enter the regular Nintendo.
This system was one of the first at home gaming systems released in the mid 1980s and brought the arcade element into your living room. Whether you were absolutely in love with Super Tecmo Bowl or couldn't get enough of Mario Brothers or Duck Hunt, the Nintendo, at the time, changed the landscape of how video gamers got their "fix."
The original Nintendo graphics leave a lot to be desired in today's marketplace but even in 2014 this system is just as sought after as it was almost 30 years ago. You can argue that the Nintendo still stands strong because of 30 something year old men and women who enjoyed the system when they were kids are battling a case of nostalgia.

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But truthfully, this relic of a gaming system is a much needed respite from the Xbox and Play Station gaming. Don't misunderstand the sentiment: you have every right to love the slew of superior games released on those aforementioned systems; they're amazing from a game play standpoint and graphically grandiose.
That said, I've seen too many friends playing these so called "games" and pacing, sweating and hardly seem as though they're actually enjoying this activity. Instead, video games have transformed from cartoonish pixels to passionately playing games that feel more like live action shows.
They're more meticulous and nerve racking then actual fun. For that reason, you might want to pack the Play Station away for a few months and invest in an original Nintendo (although a Sega Genesis would work, too). Doing this might just reduce your stress level and allow you to actually enjoy video games again without having to worry about saving your game at a certain point or hopelessly surfing the web to find a cheat code for a particular level.
Instead, see if you remember how to "beat" Mario Brothers and all those levels or start a new NFL season on Tecmo Bowl and see if you can stop Bo Jackson for the Raiders or the Giants' Lawrence Taylor or sit back, relax and marvel at how only a few buttons and a directional pad is a cure all in lieu of today's controller that feels like you're in front of a computer.
Eventually, you'll go back to your $400 Play Station or equally expensive Xbox but it's nice to know that if things get too intense with those systems, you can always harken back to a simpler time when Nintendo ruled the world.

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