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Whistle blower: Why new web site puts cell phone plans in perspective

The mark of a good consumer site is one that isn't afraid to lay it all out on the table, good or bad, and let customers shop ahead of time before they ultimately make a decision.
Often, and much to the surprise of some, the best web sites to shop for a particular product or service come from a company or manufacturer that actually dabbles in the field. For example, Progressive sells car insurance, but they're quick to tell you that they aren't always the best provider based on everyone's situation, which is why they allow you to shop for for other companies to compare. This obviously is a marketing endeavor from Progressive, and they likely feel very confident they'll come out on top nine out of 10 times.
But what about a site that is totally neutral, one that isn't necessarily in the business of selling but just wants to make buying and comparing that much easier for all parties involved.
Enter WhistleOut, a site that allows customers to compare cell phone plans for all the major national carries in the United States. What is truly unique about WhistleOut is that it usually a simple, step by step approach for customers by just entering in exactly the type of cell phone plan or details that you want. The site then processes that information and gives you a side by side comparison of what's best for you, keeping price at the forefront.
WhistleOut really isn't trying to start trouble between the major carries or point out flaws during the shopping process. Rather, the site seems designed for cell phone shoppers that might not be able to decipher all the jargon and rhetoric that a retailer is giving them. WhistleOut takes some of the proverbial guess work out of buying, in addition to adding an element of convenience to the entire endeavor.

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Instead of calling, visiting or being overwhelmed within the confines of one day by going from place to place, WhistleOut woos customers by allowing them to research and find what they want from the comfort of their own home. The web site also takes away the interaction between customer and salesperson, a face to face showdown that some shy away from for fear that they'll either end up buying something they don't want or will feel silly if they can't follow what the they're being told.
In any event or case, WhistleOut essentially is taking the power out of the hands of providers and putting it into that of the customers. The shopping experience is streamlined, simple and enjoyable knowing that you're getting what you want and not being pushed in a direction that you aren't comfortable with when it comes to cell phone plans.

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