4 real life power couples that sizzle on screen

05/07/14 by Vanessa Evans

Call it a range between nepotism and instant, on screen spark, but certain real life couples make it work at home and on the silver screen to the delight of fans around the world.
Maybe the idea of a husband and wife power couple sharing the screen has more to do with self serving intentions and interests rather than what's best for the movie or television show, but a lot of times that discussion is a moot point.
These duos exude star power individually so putting them together only adds to the excitement and anticipation for the given product. For some couples, the chemistry on screen is palpable and creates a film that exceeds expectations just because these two are feeding off true emotion in addition to the created script.

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Not every couple gels the way you'd hope (see Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck), but for the most part the on screen success and interaction is undeniable. Here's three of the best there has ever been.
1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: These two met while filming the movie "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," and the rest they say is history. Pitt said so long to Jennifer Aniston, and Pitt and Jolie have been making headlines since, mostly for the ins and outs of the their personal life. But the "Brangelina" freight train and their power couple status can be traced back to "Smith" all those year ago. Rumor has it the two are teaming up again for another film, which undoubtedly will carry the same kind of buzz that "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" had nine years ago.
2. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: Yes, the two starred in "Daredevil" in 2004 and that on screen relationship led to a marriage soon thereafter. They have yet to collaborate since then as far as movies or television go, but it's nice to know that if they did, people probably would be affectionately lined up to see the project. The same couldn't be said for Affleck and his relationship with Lopez, which produced a campy, laughable music video and movies that were just, plain awful.
3. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell: These two belong on this list for no other reason than sheer longevity. They've been together (not married) for nearly 30 years, yet only have one notable movie together, 1983's "Overboard." The silly, fish out of water comedy is a cult favorite, but won't be remembered as the most prized work of art for Hawn or Russell, but it did create a relationship on screen that was fun to watch and an off screen partnership that goes against the Hollywood tradition of not being able to stay together over the long haul.
4. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith: These was seems like a no brainer. They're always happy, they have successful kids and when the hit the big screen, the results are equally epic. You can tell in the few moments they shared in the movie "Ali" that they're connection isn't manufactured or the result of a casting director capturing lightening in a bottle with two strangers. They had already been married well before "Ali" hit theaters and you can see that wedded bliss shine brightly between the two.

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