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Fad to flab: Does presentation trump practicality when it comes to fitness?

Health and fitness is a billion dollar industry, suggesting that the amount of options when it comes to choosing an exercise and diet regimen is immense.
And with all those choices comes responsibility on the end of the person or company putting out the product along with sadly more disappointment than results from the consumer. Assuming that just because a fitness related product or diet concoction is credible just because it makes it to television or the internet is a repeated mistake made by men and women who struggle with their appearance, health and weight and are desperately trying to find something that will work for them.
That often gives way to fad diets, so called miracle products and exercise programs that promise results in minutes and aren't the complete and total overhaul physically that you were expected. The flip side to those promises are programs and eating plans that are complicated or too difficult for someone that would deem themselves a beginner when it comes to fitness.
Attempting to realistically and effectively process all this information is impossible, and often the knee jerk reaction of buying now and asking questions later has left bad tastes in the mouths of customers who just want to lose weight and live longer, but still aren't sure how to make that happen.
A lot of what ails the fitness industry is what makes it such a lucrative business: marketing and presentation. Testimonials and infomercials on Saturday and Sunday mornings are sleek and savvy and make just about anything seem possible when you watch a 60 year old woman shed 50 pounds just from doing Zumba or figure that if a Nutribullet can help a family of five lose 100 pounds collectively that it certainly can do the same for little, old you.

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This isn't about taking Zumba or Nutribullet to task, because quite frankly both are effective pieces of weight loss and being healthy. But the key to that sentiment is "pieces," which means that not only product, food or routine is going to be the one element that works wonders for you.
Losing weight isn't about the now but the long term feeling that you can keep weight off and completely alter your lifestyle. A blender or dance class isn't enough to stand alone as the true salvation you're looking for over the next 10-50 years.
Balancing diet with your smoothies and incorporation realistic exercise goals that include 30 minutes per day is the true happy medium that the masses desire. Anything over and above that from a claim standpoint is more sizzle and less substance.

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