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Hats off: Is the oversized hat trend tough to pull off year round?

The glitz, glamor, pomp and circumstance of another Kentucky Derby has come and gone, and perhaps just as paramount and anticipated as the race itself is the fashion that acts as quite the runway before the actual running of the horses.
Aside from maybe the food and presentation of the Kentucky Derby, fashion takes center stage every year, most notably the hats worn by men and women alike. But everything pales in comparison to the female attendees and the oversized headgear they're showcasing, plenty of which is lauded for its stylish nature and oversized look perched on top of much smaller heads.
As much as the hats worn by women at the Kentucky Derby are hailed for being remarkable, amazing and fashionable, one question seems to pop up once the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared after the race.
Can you really pull off the oversized hat look as part of your wardrobe when you don't have the Kentucky Derby as an excuse of sorts to wear one?
That inquiry suggests that the oversized hat trend is one that is excused on that day in May in Kentucky, but otherwise is laughable when worn any other time. That isn't to say that a few of those Derby hats aren't too big even for the Kentucky Derby but on Derby day it's almost acceptable to look foolish. But what if you decide to go all out and all in with your headgear on a Wednesday?

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Some fashion experts would argue that the giant hats have their place as part of your clothing repertoire but should be used as needed or when a particular outdoor event calls for it, even if that event isn't the Derby.
It's hardly a good look to start toting around a huge hat during a sales meeting for no reason or wearing one on what the office deems casual Friday? No, the Derby like hats probably should be more of a specialty buy or tailored to an event that seems more in line with that type of look. The oversized hat look should only see the light of day, too. Those hats carry their own zip code, and that means wearing them indoors probably isn't the best idea.
Save them for your pseudo red carpet walk or anything taking place outside that is fashion oriented and not a neighborhood barbeque.
It's almost like these giant hats are part of a niche market or belong inside a catalog as something chic but perhaps rarely purchased under the guise of practicality. Then again, if you're in the midst of planning for next year's Kentucky Derby, the best advice you can heed is to simply ride that to the finish line, no matter how bumpy the fashion road might get along the way.

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