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Health nuts: Why certain foods seem good but actually aren't

Everyone has been victimized at one time or another by a food that appears to be remarkably healthy only to shed its outer skin and reveal itself as nothing more than an imposter.
It's like the rationale that goes into suggesting that milkshakes aren't so bad since they're made with milk, and milk is healthy. Or that a grilled chicken salad at McDonald's is better than a cheeseburger and fries, even though the dressing that you're using would make that same burger blush.
Food is a sticky situation, and plenty of dishes masquerade as being healthy but actually should carry a moniker made up of hidden fats, sugars and anything else you'd want to steer clear of as far as diet goes.
One that always stands out preys upon health food nuts that absolutely love the idea of eating fresh fruits and vegetables as much as they can, but often don't have the time to blend up a concoction in a short period of time.
So called smoothies that are packaged and sold at grocery stores, retailers and gas stations seem as though they're the alternative you've been looking for on the go, but in actuality are highly overrated and rich in calories. Your best bet if you're in the mood for a smoothie is to buy plenty of fruits and vegetables and juice until your heart is content. When you're finished, take what you aren't having at that very minute and freeze the rest in small, plastic cups that would suffice as a single serving.

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From smoothies to sweet potatoes, the latter is one of the better side dishes and starches you can add to any meal, but far too often the masses swap the actual potato for French fries that carry the sweet potato tag line. But remember that regular French fries and sweet potato fries carry plenty of similarities, mainly the fat content. Just because the fries your filling your face with are sweet potato ones doesn't mean they're much healthier.
Snacking often plagues even the most ardent of eaters, and that genre is filled with plenty of misleading choices, whether you're opting for trail mix instead of candy or carefully choose a "protein" or cereal bar in favor of a chocolate bar. Surprising or not, that candy and chocolate you've been warned about actually is just as bad for you as the trail mix or protein bar. Trail mix is littered with more than just "good fat" within the peanuts or nuts as part of the mix. You have to look for mixes that include chunks of chocolate or the ubiquitous dried fruit that is filled with sugar. As for the protein and cereal bars, they're pure sugar, most of them anyway.
When choosing a snack, you always have to assume that anything packaged is worth questioning. Healthy foods might be hard to distinguish, so when in doubt keep one idea or word in mind when you're shopping: fresh.

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